SMA Camper Care Packages

The food at camp is wholesome and abundant. Campers have ample opportunity to buy snacks on day trips out of camp. 

  • You are welcome to send one care package per two wee session for your son or daughter at SMA.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND food to camp and banned items including caffeinated energy drinks, aerosol spray cans, or chewing gum!
  • Great items for care packages include: glow sticks, friendship bracelet string, temporary tattoos, a journal, travel games, decks of cards, Madlibs and other fun things your camper can share with the whole cabin!
  • We reserve the right to search incoming packages with your camper present and we will remove anything that is not deemed suitable for use at camp.
  • Please send mail to: Your Son/Daughter’s Name, c/o SMA, 9803 Old Hawn Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652