SMA Cell Phone and Electronics Policy

Cell Phones

We understand that many campers have their own cell phone and that you may feel that you want them to travel with them to and from camp.  CELL PHONES AND iPHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT STONE MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES.

  • We do not get cell service at SMA and cell phones are not permitted. While at SMA we want campers to be focused on camp and not on friends and family outside of camp.
  • If we find a camper has a cell phone we will keep it safely in the office until the end of camp.
  • If your son or daughter is traveling by plane or train to camp they are welcome to travel with a cell phone and then they must turn it in and we'll keep it in our safe until the closing day of camp.

Parents, please let us know if your son or daughter is traveling to camp with a cell phone.

  • If you are bringing your child to camp, please take any cell phones home with you and do not leave them at camp with us or your child.
  • If your camper relies on his/her cell phone for music or for a camera, please make other arrangements as they are unable to have their phone while at SMA.
  • All campers receive a video slide show of their session in the fall after camp.

iPods, iPads, E-readers, cameras and other electronics:

  • iPods, mp3 players and other music devices are OK to bring to SMA. There are many opportunities to plug your iPod into a stereo around camp or in a camp van. You may only listen with ear buds at night in your bunk or in the van on longer road trips.
  • We encourage campers to bring cameras to camp to document the amazing moments. However, please do not send expensive cameras or cameras that are on a phone as they may be lost or damaged.
  • iPads, e-readers & electronic games:  these devices are prohibited at SMA. We have a selection of paperback books for campers to use and we highly encourage campers to bring their own paperbacks to read and/or share.
  • iPhones are considered a cell phone and not allowed at camp, regardless of its other abilities to play music, take pictures, etc. Please send an alternate music mp3 player if your camper wants to listen to personal music.