International Campers - Frequently Asked Questions

How many international campers come to Stone Mountain Adventures? 

About 20% of our population is from outside the USA. All activities and cabin activities are instructed in English. The immersion into the American culture is part of the cultural experience for our internationals.

Will international campers be in a cabin with other non-English speakers? 
Due to the size and capacity of some cabins, there is some likelihood that international campers may share a cabin with others from around the world. When possible, we arrange cabins with a good mix of Americans and International campers. Very little time is spent in the cabins each day, and our counseling staff do a very good job of maintaining an English-speaking cabin.

How many international campers from one country will be at SMA? 
We accept no more than seven campers per session who are native speakers in a given language. One of the purposes of most families enrolling their teenager in a summer camp in the USA is to learn more conversational English language. This avoids the tendency to just spend time with your primary language speakers.

Flight Information 
When booking flights please book them on a morning departure, arriving at Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC, between 2pm and 6pm.
Your camper will be met by a Stone Mountain staff member immediately upon their arrival at International Arrivals, after they go through customs. We will call you when we meet them and again when they arrive at camp.

Arrival Information 
Upon arrival in the US, your camper should use the following address on all immigration forms:
Stone Mountain Adventures
9803 Old Hawn Rd
Huntingdon, PA 16652

What to Pack… 

When packing for camp please refer to our International Packing List

Do I need to ship my luggage UPS? 
NO, you do not need to ship your luggage UPS. You can check your bags at the airport and bring them on the camp van back to camp.

Do I Need Spending Money?

International campers should have travel money for meals & incidentals while traveling. While at SMA most campers do bring a little spending money (approx. $100 for two weeks) for the Amish Market, county fairs, etc.

Sending Letters to Camp? 
You can easily write to your child by email. Send e-mails to your son or daughter to and put your child’s name in the subject line. Please send only text. Campers can write back two times each session.

Phone Calls
Campers typically receive/make two calls per session. We will post dates/times for for campers to receive/make phone calls with boys and girls being on separate dates to alleviate phone congestion.  It's important to stay in contact with family while attending a USA Summer Camps for Teens.

If you have family or friends in the USA or Canada that can serve as an emergency contact please provide us with this information.

How do I pay camp tuition?
Tuition payment can be made with a Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or you may wire funds into our account. For the required bank information to wire or our credit card form please email Jud Millar 

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