International Travel Information

Our International Campers arrive and depart from Dulles International Airport near Washington D.C.  Your child's travel on the SMA Camp Van from Dulles Airport to SMA Camp and back is included as part of the "International All Inclusive Package"

Dulles International Airport Procedures:

Your camper will be met by a Stone Mountain Adventures staff member immediately upon their arrival at International Arrivals, after they go through immigration and customs. We will call you when we meet them and again when they arrive at camp.  We encourage international campers to travel with a cell phone.  (please note that cell phones and other electronics aren’t allowed at camp but can be used by campers while traveling.)

Unaccompanied Minors

"Unaccompanied Minors" are those children deemed by the airlines as too young to travel without an escort. Each airline has their own fees and policies. 

  • The airlines will require that you designate one of our camp employees as the responsible adult who will assume custody of your child at Dulles Airport upon their arrival.
  •  A representative from the airlines will escort your child off the plane and accompany them through immigration, baggage collection and customs.
  • Our camp employee will get a security pass to meet the airline representative and the unaccompanied minor (your child), at which time the airline will release the child to our supervision. 
  • From there, our staff person will take the minor to meet the other campers arriving that day.  
  • Please contact Director Jud directly to find out who the Stone Mountain Adventures employee will be who will be meeting your child.  
  • 814-667-3874

Arrival Information

Please book flights that have your child arriving into Dulles International Airport between

Noon and 4pm.  Please contact Jud Millar when you have reserved a flight BUT BEFORE you purchase your booking to confirm that the times are good.

Upon arrival in the US, your camper should use the following address on all immigration forms:
Stone Mountain Adventures
9803 Old Hawn Rd
Huntingdon, PA 16652
Phone: 814-667-3874

Departure Information

Please book flights that have your child departing Dulles International Airport between 2pm and 6pm.Please contact Jud Millar when you have reserved a flight BUT BEFORE you purchase your booking to confirm that the times are good.

Our staff will help your child check-in at the ticket counter and then walk with them to the security checkpoint. This is as far as non-passengers can go and where they will say their “Good Bye’s, See you Next Summer!” Our staff will stay at the airport until the plane has departed.

Camp Van Information

Our experienced SMA USA Sleepaway camps counselors meet your son our daughter outside Customs & Immigration then we will travel back to camp in the camp van. The travel time is about 3 hours including stops for toilet breaks and snacks. This does make for a long travel day but our camp counselors do a great job of making tired travelers feel welcome & comfortable.

Do I need to ship my luggage UPS?

NO, you do not need to ship your luggage UPS. You can check you bags at the airport and bring then on the camp van back to camp.

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