Music Jam and Rock Band Teenage Summer Camp

Music Jam and Rock Band

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player Music Jam/Rock Band is an amazing opportunity to be in a band and play music with other campers and staff. You are welcome to bring your own instrument, however, we have an array of instruments including:

  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Keys
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Brass Instruments
  • Digital Recording Studio
  • PA Systems


Each camp session we gather musicians and create a band of campers and staff. We collaborate to find common ground on songs, set lists and arrang

ements. We often play cover songs but also love to work out original tunes as well. Our genres include rock, classic rock, progressive, blues, R&B, bluegrass, jam band and even the occasional rap song! Campers sign up for Music Jam/Rock Band as a morning

ell as our live shows. activity and work towards a live performance during the SMA Carnival Evening Activity. We also have a digital recording studio and we record all our practice sessions as w

It is an incredible experience to have invested your time during practice to learn the arrangements of a set list of songs and then perform in front of your peers and friends at camp. The campers even get to name the camp band each session! We started the Music Jam/Rock Band Activity in the summer of 2006, and since then we have had a band perform a live show every camp session!