If you want to Horseback Ride everyday, improve riding skill and have fun then you will love our Horsemasters Program at SMA!

Our Horsemasters Program is designed for campers who want to ride horses everyday and improve their riding skills.  Our riding program is designed for passionate riders who want:

  • Daily Lessons and Trail Rides 
  • Improve Riding Skills and Horsemanship 
  • Learn from Experienced Instructors

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Horsecare & Stable Management

The Stone Mountain Adventures riding program combines experienced horses, qualified riding instructors and excellent facilities to create an atmosphere where riders can advance their riding skills, expand horsemanship knowledge and have fun in the barn everyday.  


Learn from Experienced Instructors

The Stone Mountain Adventures Equestrian Program is run by equestrian professional Pam Hayes-Houldin and her experienced instructors and barn staff.  Pam has over 35 years of riding instructing experience and is one original founders of Stone Mountain Adventures. 


Lessons, Trailrides and Individual Instruction

 Every camper how signs up for our Horsemasters Program will spend each morning activity in the barn with the horses. The morning session will be spit between Horseback Riding Lessons, on the ground Horsemanship and Barn Management. 

Our Equestrian Facility

All equestrian activities take place on-site at Stone Mountain Adventures in our 60 acre riding facility.  Our riding facility, also known as Horsepower Farm, is centered around a 200 year old barn retrofitted with modern box stalls, a tack room and an indoor barnyard. All formal riding lessons take place in our outdoor arena. We have three additional paddocks for turnout.  Along with the historic barn, riding arena and turnout paddocks we have acres of winding trails through coniferous forests, perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day. We also have fields set up with a cross country course for riders that are interested in eventing.

"At home I only get to ride a few days a week, I love that at SMA I'm in the barn riding everday!" - Rose Miller
If you have ever dreamed of being a rider then attending an overnight horseback riding summer camps is a once in a lifetime opportunity. At Stone Mountain Adventures you will get to find out if riding really is for you. There really is nothing like the joy of sitting atop such and strong and powerful animal as a horse and being in control and one with the horse. You also get to choose whether you ride English Style and Western Style which gives you a lot of flexibility in the way you ride.

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