Opening and Closing Days at SMA Teen Summer Camp


Opening Day: 

Drop-off time is between noon and 3pm, with camp vans arriving later in the afternoon. There will be SMA staff and campers on hand to greet you and welcome you to camp.  They will help campers find their cabins and move in their luggage, and we will keep a rolling lunch going all afternoon for campers and parents. Our camp counselors will be happy to give you a tour of our facilities while helping your camper get comfortable at SMA. Families should make sure to stop by the office to officially "Check-In" and ensure that camp paperwork is complete.  You will also drop off any medications here and complete a Camper Medication Form with camper’s name, dosage and directions for administering. Here you will also deposit camper spending money in the SMA camp bank.  Click here for directions to SMA.

 Closing Day:

Pick-up time is between 9am and Noon; please be on time to pick up your camper. Camp vans will be departing between in the morning, and luggage that needs to be shipped will be sent by UPS on the closing day of camp.