Teenagers Make Better Connections at Summer Camp!

According to Forbes and Common Sense Census, teenagers spend 9 hours a day on a screen!  Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA) is a great place for teenagers to take a break from technology and have fun at summer camp. We offer teen focused activities including Water Sports, Adventure Activities, Community Service, Creative Arts & Sports.

"An Overnight Summer Camp for Teens Ages 12 to 16"

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Teen Focused Activities 

All of the activities and events at SMA are teen & tween focused (ages 12 to 16). From exciting evening activities to white water rafting to team building events, all of the activities and events at SMA are designed on a level that is more physically, intellectually, and emotionally challenging for teens because they prefer to do camp activities and interact with others their own age.

Teen Summer Camp
Overnight Summer Camp for Teenagers

Easy to Be a First Time Camper

Stone Mountain Adventures is a smaller, family oriented camp with about 60 campers per session. Campers quickly transition to camp and feel "at home" at Stone Mountain Adventures due to our small size. This happens at SMA because:

Returning campers are kind & welcoming

Our staff are enthusiastic and meet the needs of everyone everyday

Director Jud creates an atmosphere at SMA that is exciting & inclusive

Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer Camp

Water Sports &  Outdooor Adventure Activities

Stone Mountain Adventures is a fantastic choice for kids who love water sportsActivities include swimming wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, SUPs, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and, once each session, white water rafting. Stone Mountain Adventures is a summer camps for teens and offers well rounded and challenging Outdoor Adventure Activities that include horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, overnight camping trips and more!

Summer Camp

Make Friends & Build Confidence

An overnight summer camp experience at SMA is a unique opportunity for kids to gain independence while learning and growing in a safe and supported environment. Campers build confidence by challenging themselves on outdoor adventure activities, watersports, and traditional sports. These experiences help campers at SMA to develop self esteem, independence, and a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Sharing these experiences with other peers creates strong bonds of lifelong friendship that are so meaningful and important to young teenagers.   

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