Water Sports Summer Camp

SMA is an incredible water sports summer camp. Everyday you can choose from

Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding & Waterskiing

We offer the activities everyday at SMA on Raystown lake. Beginer riders & skiiers will love the thrill of beign on the water relsih the opportunty to try something new. Experienced wakeboarders & waterskiiers will be amazed the solidute of our lake and the power of our 20 foot Glastron boat. There really is nothing better then spending a day on the boat! For those of you that are serious about Wakeboarding and Waterskiing and want priority instruction to focus on skill development, we have the Wake Masters Program. Click Here to learn more about our Wakemasters Program.





Our sunfish sailboats and windsurfers offer experienced sailors the opportunity to challenge them selves on the water. Beginner sailors will learn to love to sail!













Whitewater Rafting

White Water Rafting is one of the most exciting activities we offer at our water sports summer camp. Nothing really compares to the exhilaration of entering the “white water world” and powering through rapids. Helmets and life jackets are worn by everyone for safety, and professional guides ensure a safe and exciting voyage. “The Yough” is a world class intermediate white water river perfect for young teens. White water rafting the Lower Youghiogheny River is one of the activities we do as an entire camp towards the end of each session. It is a highlight of camp that only reconfirms the bonds everyone has made with each other. As one of the most exciting activities we do at camp, whitewater rafting is guaranteed to increase your heart rate!


Canoeing is a favorite camp activity on a hot summer day at SMA. Our location in central Pennsylvania provides us with a number of rivers great for canoeing including the Little Juniata, the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata, the Raystown Branch of the Juniata and the mighty Juniata River. Sometimes we take a slow, playful trip along a winding river and other times it’s a faster trip which lets you command your craft through small rapids. Our experienced staff will instruct you on:

  • “Reading” the river
  • General Stokes (Sweep, Draw, Correction, Rudder, etc.)
  • Ferrying across the river
  • River Safety & Communication
  • Righting a canoe if you capsize
  • River Song & Local Lore

Canoe trips at SMA are always full of hearty laughter and good times as we navigate our way down the river. We also offer van supported canoeing overnights, another highlight of camp!



We offer fishing on many of the local rivers and lakes in central PA. We provide the fishing rods and the bait while you provide the courage to put the worm on the hook and the patience it takes to “catch the big one.”