Packing List

It's time to pack for summer camp! Refer to our helpful Packing Lists below to help get your camper ready to go.


Please Note we have 3 separate packing lists on this page:

  • Standard SMA Packing List
  • International Camper Packing List
  • 1 Week Session Packing List

A picture of SMA packing list

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DO NOT BRING: Smart Phones, cell phones, Tablets, E-Readers, and other expensive electronic devises. Phones brought to camp will be stored in camp office safe. Cameras, iPods, other electronics, jewelry, and items of sentimental value that you cannot afford to lose should be left at home.


Medications: Any non-over-the-counter medications need to be turned over to camp office upon arrival. Please send enough for camper’s entire stay. Parents must compete the Camper Medication Form found in the Pre-Camp Packet.


How to Pack: We encourage you to pack all items in one trunk or bin (max height “18), duffel, or suitcase.


Campers using camp van service: Depending on the number of campers in the van you may need to ship luggage 5 days before camp using UPS or FedEx. Jud will contact you pre-camp regarding shipping luggage.


Ship trunks/duffels: If you are required to ship your luggage to camp please send it to: [Your Camper’s Name], c/o.Stone Mountain Adventures, 9803 Old Hawn Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652


 For shipping carriers we recommend UPS or  



Click Here to Download this Packing Listpacking list for a 1 week session at SMA


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International packing list at SMA

International packing list at SMA


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