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SMA Rock Climbing Summer Camp

Join us at SMA and rock climb every day!

Rock Climbing on real rocks is one of the most exciting activities we do at Stone Mountain Adventures! Beginners and experienced climbers alike are challenged by 70 foot rock faces, and learn techniques for climbing, belaying and rappelling from our specialized rock climbing instructors.


If you rock climbing is something you have interest in or something you are passionate about, Stone Mountain Adventures is the camp for you!


Highlights of the SMA Rock Climbing Program:

  • Top Rope Climbing Area called Donation Rocks located on the premises of camp
  • Bouldering Area with world class bouldering called Hunters Rocks
  • 5 Climbing Areas near camp offers campers a wide variety of climbing styles and rock types
  • Our Climbing Staff are experienced and passionate about rock climbing and sharing that passion with teens.
  • We offer a Rock Climbing Camping Overnight every session
  • Campers can climb on real rocks 6 days a week at SMA!

Donation Rocks Climbing Area

Donation Rocks is located right at camp and is the premier rock climbing area in central PA, this helps make SMA a real rock climbing summer camp! Camp owners Jud & Anne Millar have worked with the Climbing Conservancy of Central PA (3CPA) and the to open this climbing area to the public. Rock climbers from New York, New Jersey & Maryland travel to central PA to climb Donation Rocks! Stone Mountain Adventures owns the rocks and so we have priority on all the routes everyday.

Donation Rocks is primarily a top roping climbing area with 3 main climbing walls each with 6 to 8 climbs each. The closest crag to camp is locally known as "Camels Head Wall". The middle and tallest crag of the 3 is called "Shark's Tooth Wall". The lower wall and the on you see first as you drive into camp is called "Triceps Wall" If you are a climber at SMA you will learn to love all 3 of these walls.



Bouldering at Hunters Rocks

Bouldering differs from top rope climbing in that you do not climb with ropes. For safety you always have a spotter to help support you, you never climb above your spotters chest and you have a "crash pad" on the ground below to cushion you. Hunters Rocks is located 6 miles from camp in an area called Martin's Gap in the Rothrock State Forest. This is a classic boulder field that follows a ridge with literally hundred or "boulder problems". With the quality of bouldering at Hunters Rocks we see parties from New York, New Jersey and Maryland and enjoy the camaraderie that can only come from bouldering! Having Hunters Rocks as an option every day helps make SMA an awesome teen rock climbing summer camp. 


Rock Climbing Camping Overnights Rock-climbing-camps-for-teens.jpg

The highlight of the SMA Rock Climbing Summer Camp Program each session is the camping overnight at Bigler Rocks. Bigler Rocks is located in Clearfield County about 74 miles from camp. This is a great opportunity for the climbers of SMA to get out of camp and sleep under the stars, share climbing stories and do some amazing rock climbing! Bigler Rocks is a sandstone formation with a private campground at the base of the rocks. It is truly a unique experience to have our campsite set up near the base of the rocks and be able to climb until dusk, take off your harness and warm up next to the camp fire and roast some marshmallows. We then wake up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again. A rock climbing camping overnight at Bigler Rocks is something that every climber at SMA rock climbing summer camp should experience!


"At home I climb in a gym and it's good but at SMA climbing on real rocks has been amazing! Here I climb almost everyday. My climbing skills have improved so much. I alos love the variety of climbing offered here. The climbing camping overnight is an expeience I will never forget!"

Ezra Cohn, Bethesda, MD