Food and Meals at Camp

Serving great food to hungry campers has been a cornerstone of our camp since our founding in 1983. We eat in our dining hall, a building we call “The Rhino,” and because we’re a small camp our exceptional kitchen staff and veteran cook can focus on the quality of the food rather than the quantity. We have fresh, healthy food (often local!), including a delicious vegetarian option at each meal. We’re also extremely accommodating of special dietary needs and restrictions. All meals are served buffet-style, so eat as much as you’d like. Plus, if you sign up for the cooking activity, you can help prepare dinner!



Food Allergy Q & A at Stone Mountain Adventures

What is your camp’s food allergy policy?

Every day we prepare meals for allergy-sensitive campers and those with special dietary needs. Specifically, for instance, we’re not nut-free, but every session of every summer we have campers with nut allergies and special dietary needs. Historically, our attention to detail and experience catering to special dietary circumstances have helped us to maintain a safe environment in our dining hall.


How does your camp’s kitchen staff prepare for food allergies?
We prepare particularly meals for allergy-sensitive campers in a sanitized and separate environment away from allergens. We work continuously with parents and campers to ensure any special food requests are handled as safely and effectively as possible.


Has our camp kitchen changed in recent years with the prevalence of more food allergies?
The growing prevalence of food allergies has created the need for a staff that is highly aware and specially trained in food preparation. As a result, we’ve seen the numbers of specially prepared meals increase in recent years along with our staff’s levels of food training and experience.

What special dietary needs can you accommodate at Stone Mountain Adventures?
Every summer we accommodate nut allergies, gluten-free needs, vegetarians, vegans, and lactose intolerant campers. We also don’t serve shellfish.
How do the counselors and kitchen staff prepare for campers with food allergies?
We address these issues during our staff training week and discuss specific circumstances for campers before each session. Lists of campers with special dietary needs are provided to the counselors and kitchen staff. 


How are we prepared for a potential medical emergency?
Our Med Room is attached to the dining hall and is kept fully stocked with medication, bandages, EpiPens, and more. We also carry EpiPens in the first aid kits that travel to and from every activity with groups of campers. If a camper brings their own EpiPen to camp, it will travel with them to activities and events.


To learn more about how we can accommodate campers with special dietary needs please  contact Director Jud Millar: or 814-667-3874


A camper posing with her meal.