Parent FAQs

Read on to find the answers to some of the most common questions we get from families ahead of camp. Please point your curious campers to the Camper FAQs for more information!


What forms need to be prepared before my child starts camp?

The following must be received prior to the start of your child's SMA Camp Session:

  • Parent and Physicians Medical Form
  • SMA Student Agreement (On the back of the Camper Application)
  • SMA Travel Form
  • Camper Photo submitted via e-mail
  • Final Camp Payment

Find a complete list of forms here. 


Where can I find the packing list?

Right here. 


What’s a Typical Day at SMA? 

Our daily schedule provides the rhythm and routine that we all need, balanced with the excitement of activities which you choose yourselves! While certain days are special (like our All Camp Days, community service days, camping overnights, and more), each day we typically offer a morning activity, afternoon activity, an hour of free time before dinner, an “all-camp” meeting, and finally an evening activity. Click here to learn more about the daily schedule at SMA.


How do opening and closing days at SMA work?

Opening Day: Drop-off time is between noon and 3pm, with camp vans arriving later in the afternoon. There will be SMA staff and campers on hand to greet you and welcome you to camp. They will help campers find their cabins and move in their luggage, and we will keep a rolling lunch going all afternoon for campers and parents. Our camp counselors will be happy to give you a tour of our facilities while helping your camper get comfortable at SMA. Families should make sure to stop by the office to officially "Check-In" and ensure that camp paperwork is complete. You will also drop off any medications here and complete a Camper Medication Form with camper’s name, dosage and directions for administering. Here you will also deposit camper spending money in the SMA camp bank. Click here for directions to SMA.


Closing Day: Pick-up time is between 9am and Noon; please be on time to pick up your camper. Camp vans will be departing between in the morning, and luggage that needs to be shipped will be sent by UPS on the closing day of camp.


What is the cell phone policy at SMA?

We understand that many campers have their own cell phones and that you may want them to keep them during travel to and from camp.  However, once arrived at camp, CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT STONE MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES.

  • While at SMA we want campers to be focused on camp and immersed in the experience. Besides, we don’t get cell service at camp anyway.
  • If we find a camper has a cell phone that they have not turned in, we will keep it safely in the office until the end of camp.
  • If your camper is traveling to camp without a parent, they are of course welcome to travel with a cell phone. They must turn it in once they arrive, and we'll keep it in our safe until the closing day of camp.
  • If you are personally bringing your child to camp, please take any cell phones home with you and do not leave them at camp with us or your child.
  • If your camper relies on his/her cell phone for music or for a camera, please make other arrangements as they are unable to have their phone while at SMA.

Parents, please let us know if your son or daughter is traveling to camp with a cell phone.


What about other electronics?

  • iPods, mp3 players, and other music devices are definitely OK to bring to SMA. There are many opportunities to plug your iPod into a stereo around camp or in a camp van. However, to keep campers engaged with others at camp, you may only listen with earbuds at night in your bunk or in the van on longer road trips.
  • iPhones are considered cell phones and are not allowed at camp.
  • We encourage campers to bring cameras to camp to document all the amazing moments! However, please do not send expensive cameras as they may be lost or damaged, and working phones with cameras will still be kept in the office.
  • iPads, e-readers, and electronic games are prohibited at SMA. We have a selection of paperback books for campers to read and we highly encourage campers to bring their own paperbacks to read and/or share.


How do I stay in touch with my camper while they’re at SMA?

Via phone: Campers will not be allowed to use cell phones during their time at SMA (we don’t get any cell service here, anyway). Campers and parents can call each other once per two-week session at a set date and time during the second week. Prior to the opening day of each session we will inform you of the times you may call your camper at SMA.  We will have a boys and girls “call day” avoid jammed phone lines. Campers who arrive at camp on the SMA Camp Van will call home during the first 2 days of camp to verify they have arrived safely. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us for an update or to verify that your camper arrived safely at camp.


  • Please understand that campers' active schedules do not bring them near the phone.
  • On your appointed call day please call 814-667-3874 from 11:30-1.30pm and 5.30-7.30pm
  • Please keep phone calls to 5-10 minutes so that other families have a chance to visit.
  • Please do not take it personally if your child does not call home on their call day. Campers are not required to call home and they may be immersed in “Camp Life.”  Director Jud and his staff are always available to give you a “Camper Update” about your child.
  • Please don’t panic if your camper calls and leaves a message if you are not home. Usually, they just want to say hello. If there is an emergency, rest assured we will be contacting you directly from the office.
  • Incoming Calls: Please call 814-667-3874
  • Outgoing Calls: Campers will call you on 814-667-2130, please DO NOT call back on this line as it is for outgoing calls only.

Via email: Parents can email campers once a week, although campers do not have access to the internet or computers while at camp and therefore cannot reply (exceptions can be made for international campers as necessary). Please send emails to with your child’s name in the subject line, and your email will be printed, folded up, and posted on the camp bulletin board with your camper’s name on it for your them to retrieve.


Via snail mail: Campers LOVE to receive letters and cards while they are at camp.  SMA campers are not required to write home, but we always encourage them to write.  If you would like your child to write home while they are at camp please send them with paper, pens, envelopes and stamps. Please send mail to:  Your Camper’s Name, c/o SMA, 9803 Old Hawn Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652


Can campers receive care packages?

You are welcome to send one care package to your camper at SMA per two-week session. PLEASE DO NOT SEND FOOD (campers have ample opportunity to buy snacks on day trips out of camp) caffeinated drinks, aerosol spray cans (like Axe deodorant), or chewing gum.

PLEASE DO SEND safe and clean items like glow sticks, friendship bracelet string, temporary tattoos, a journal, travel games, cards, Madlibs, and other fun things your camper can share with the whole cabin! We reserve the right to search incoming packages with your camper present and we will remove anything that is not deemed suitable for use at camp. Please send mail to: Your Son/Daughter’s Name, c/o SMA, 9803 Old Hawn Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652.


How can I access any camp photos or session updates?

Every day at Stone Mountain Adventures our staff members snap photos of campers on activities and hanging around camp. Every few days we sort these photos and will post some on Director Juson Millar's Facebook page. To get access to these pictures, just “friend" Judson Millar on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, just point your browser to to create a free account. 


How much spending money will my camper need while at SMA?

We think that $50 to $75 in fives and tens per two-week session is an ideal amount. Your tuition pays for laundry, evening out-of-camp activities, day trips, etc. Still, spending money is traditional to quell any minor gift shop or junk food craving. We hold campers’ spending money in our Camp Bank and disperse as necessary. Please refrain from sending large amounts of cash with your child. If a camper does require a loan from the camp, we are happy to do so as long as we have phone or email confirmation from a parent. If you need to send extra money, please write Anne Millar a check separate from tuition or other camp fees so it can be cashed for your camper.


Is there a family visiting day at SMA?

We do not have an official visiting day at SMA, but family members are welcome to visit any time! Certain days are better than others, so please contact Director Jud Millar to schedule your visit.

Camper FAQs

What should I bring to camp?

At camp, we have all the sports equipment and supplies you’ll need for a great summer experience. Still, if you have a musical instrument, climbing equipment, mountain bike, fishing rod, camera, or other personal gear you’d like to bring, feel free! We’ll send you a packing list before camp starts so you’ll know which essentials to bring; check out the list here.


Do most campers enroll with friends?
Most campers don’t come to SMA with friends, but quickly make many new ones upon arriving at camp. Occasionally friends do come to camp together, but the structure of our group activities still emphasizes making new friends and forging new connections.


Where are meals and what is there to eat?
Mealtimes at SMA are loaded with a variety of tasty food options! Breakfast is usually at 8am and always includes cold and hot cereal along with an option like pancakes, omelets, or “eggs in a hat.” Lunch is usually at 12:30 and consists of a salad bar, sandwich bar, and a hot soup or other yummy dish. Dinner is usually served at 6:30pm each evening, always consisting of a wide variety of food options including a salad bar and various side dishes as well as main courses like stir-fry, lasagna, burritos, pizza, and more! Additionally, we always offer vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If there’s something else you might want, just ask, because no one leaves the Dining Hall hungry! Click here to learn more about the food at SMA.


What are the cabins like and who will be in my cabin?
The cabins at SMA are typical, rustic camp cabins furnished with enough bunk beds for 8-10 campers and one camp counselor. Each of our six cabins has electricity but no running water, as bathrooms are just a short walk away in the main house. Cabins are divided by gender and age. Click here to learn more about cabins at SMA.  


How do campers choose activities at SMA?
Each evening after dinner we gather for an “all-camp” meeting, during which campers get to choose from a variety of activities for the next day’s morning and afternoon activity slots. Click here to learn more about choosing activities.


Where do SMA campers come from?
Many of our campers come from cities in the northeastern United States including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, although many other campers call places like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Atlanta, and Florida home. Most summers we also have several international campers, hailing from countries like France, Italy, England, and Vietnam.


Can I call home?
Campers may call home on the SMA landline once per session, and may receive (but not respond to) emails once per week. This ensures a balance between connections to home and engagement at camp.


How old are the camp counselors and where are they from?
Our staff members are all over the age of 21, and most summers there is a good mix of American and international counselors. Our American counselors come from schools and outdoors programs from across the country, and most summers we have a few former veteran campers who return as counselors! This is AMAZING because they get to know SMA from both perspectives and are very passionate about creating the same types of positive experiences for new campers. Each summer we also have several “funny talkers,” hailing from countries like England, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, and more. It’s wonderful to have them at camp for the summer, as we get to learn about their cultures while they lend us their enthusiasm and expertise! Click here to learn more about our staff!


Do campers get free time?
Every afternoon, campers get an hour of free time we call the “Power Hour of Freedom.” During this time you can hang out in the Game Room or Music Studio, play sports on the basketball court or the front lawn, use the Arts & Crafts room, take a shower, or just relax.

What is there to do at night?
Each night after our “all-camp” meeting (when we choose activities), we have a special evening activity we do together as a group. Some of these activities take place in camp, including campfire night, karaoke, the famous Invention Convention, movie nights, the Camp Dance, and, of course, the SMA Talent show! We also go out of camp for activities like roller skating, ice cream, the county fair, and Fourth of July fireworks. Whether in or out of camp, we always have something great in store for you. Click here to learn more about our evening activities.


Do we go on group trips out of camp?
Yes, we do go on trips out of camp! Aside from our daily activities, there are a few special times we pack the vans and go off for awesome adventures like the authentic Amish market in nearby Belleville, PA, and class III whitewater rafting on the Youghiogheny River! Click here to learn more about our special out-of-camp excursions.


What if my birthday is during camp?
Have you ever had 60 people sing happy birthday to you all at the same time? We put on a birthday party like no one else, and yes, you do get a cake.


Can I receive mail and packages?
Absolutely. Make sure that all your friends and family have the address of Stone Mountain Adventures (9803 Old Hawn Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652) so they can send mail directly to you while you are at camp.


What if it rains?
We have plenty of indoor activities for really bad weather, but nothing stops the fun at Stone Mountain Adventures. When it rains, we like to put the word “mud” in front of many of our normal activity choices, and so we enjoy mud hiking, mud mountain biking, mud volleyball, and more!


Do I have to wear a uniform?
No, you do not have to wear a uniform at SMA. You’ll receive a special SMA T-shirt at the end of each session with the names of all of the campers on it.


Are there “Camping Overnights” at camp?
A few times each week we offer camping overnights attached to afternoon activities like hiking, canoeing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Campers will do their afternoon activity, camp out under the stars on-site, and spend the following morning on the activity as well. 


How is SMA different from other summer camps?
Three things really set Stone Mountain Adventures apart from other camps. The first is our age range of 12-16, which means that all of our activities are teen-focused. Second, campers get to choose their own activities every day and have the freedom to explore different interests during their time at SMA. Third, our small size (only around 60 campers per session and often fewer) ensures that each session becomes a very tight-knit group in which everyone feels accepted and connected. Click here to learn more about why families choose SMA.


What happens if I forget to bring something from home?
If you forget something at home, we can supply many basic items such as towels, tooth brushes, sheets, and more. We can also contact your parents immediately to have the item/s mailed to camp as soon as possible.


Is there a family visiting day at SMA?
We do not have an official visiting day at SMA, but family members are welcome to visit any time! Certain days are better than others, so please contact Director Jud Millar to schedule your visit.


What about iPods and other electronic devices?
While electronic portable games and the like are prohibited at SMA, you may bring an iPod or mp3 player to listen to music only at night in your bunk or in the van on long road trips. It’s our goal for you to be as engaged as possible at camp, so our staff will step in if they find that the device has become a distraction.


Can I bring a cell phone to camp?
You can bring your cell phone to use on the trips to and from camp, but we keep all cell phones in the office while you are at camp. We don’t get much cell phone service around camp anyway, but that’s part of the magic of SMA.