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Camper FAQ’s



What should I bring to camp?

We will send you a “packing list” of what to bring to camp to use as a guideline. Remember that we have all the sports equipment and supplies you will need. If you have a musical instrument, climbing shoes/harness, or a fishing rod, go ahead and bring them, but we have everything you will need to have the most fun ever. Click here for the SMA Packing List


Do most campers enroll with friends?
Most campers to not come to SMA with friends, but quickly make many new ones upon arriving at camp. Occasionally friends do come to camp together.


What time are meals and what is there to eat?
Meal times are loaded with great options. Breakfast is at 8am and there is always cold and hot cereal along with a something hot such as pancakes, omelets or “egg in a hats.” Lunch is at 12:30pm and consists of a salad bar, sandwich bar and a hot soup or other yummy dish. Dinner is at 6:30pm each night and there is always a good variety of food to eat including salad bar various side dishes and great main courses such as Pizza, Lasagna, Burritos, or Stir-Fry. We always offer a vegetarian dish as well for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If there is something else you may want, just ask us. No one ever leaves our Dining Hall hungry!  Click Here to learn more.


What are the cabins like and who will be in my cabin?
The cabins at SMA are typical rustic camp cabins with bunk beds for 8-10 campers and one camp counselor. There is electricity in the cabins but no running water as bathrooms are a short walk away in the main house. Cabins are divided by gender (obviously) and by age. You will be in a cabin with campers your own age.  Click Here to learn more.


How do campers choose activities at SMA?
Every evening we have an meeting after dinner on the front lawn and you get to choose your activities that night for the following day. You will get to choose from seven activities for the morning activity and seven activities for the afternoon activity.  Click Here to learn more.


Where do SMA campers come from?
Our campers most come from the cities in the northeast including Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. We also have campers from Pittsburgh, Chicago, Atlanta and Florida. Each summer we have 3 or 4 international campers from France, Italy and England.


Can I call home?
You will have the opportunity to call home on the SMA land line once during every 2 weeks.


How old are the camp counselors and where do they come from?
We are located near Penn State University so each year we have students and graduates at camp. Each summer we have a few veteran campers who return as counselors. This is AMAZING because they know SMA from both ends and are passionate about SMA. We also have 4 international staff each summer from England, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. It is great fun to have “funny talkers” at camp as we get to learn about their cultures and ways of life. Each year around 60% of out staff return each summer. Our Camp counselors vary in age range from 21 to 25 years of age.  Click Here to learn more.


Do campers get free time?
We have an hour of free time each afternoon from 5:30-6:30pm. We call this the “Power Hour of Freedom.” During this time you can play in the game room, use the Arts & Crafts Shed, take a shower or just hang out.

What is there to do at night?
Each evening we have a special evening activity that we do together as a group. Some activities take place in camp such as campfire night, group karaoke, the Invention Convention, movie night, camp dances and our famous “SMA Talent Show.” We also go out of camp for some evening activities such as roller skating, going to get ice cream, disco bowling, going to county fairs, and going to see the Fourth of July Fireworks. We always have something great in store for you.  Click Here to learn more.


Do we go on trips out of camp?
YES, we do go on trip out of camp at SMA. On Wednesdays you have the option of going to an authentic Amish Market where you get to learn about the Amish culture while sampling the local food. . During the last week of camp we all go whitewater rafting on the Youghigheny River. With Class III rapids this is a fantastic experience!!  Click Here to learn more.


What if my birthday is during camp?
Have you ever had 60 people sing happy birthday to you all at the same time? We put on a birthday party like no one else, and yes, you do get a cake.


Can I get mail and packages?
Absolutely. Make sure that all your friends and family have the address of Stone Mountain Adventures (9803 Old Hawn Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652) so they can send mail directly to you while you are at camp.


What if it rains?
Nothing stops the fun at Stone Mountain Adventures. We have plenty of indoor space and activities for bad weather. We also enjoy many “muddy” activities such as mud mountain biking, mud volleyball and mud hiking!


Do I have to wear a uniform?
No, you do not have to wear a uniform at SMA. You will receive a SMA Session T-shirt at the end of each session with every ones name on it.

Are there “Camping Overnights” at camp?
We offer Camping Overnights a few times each week. These are limited to 8-12 campers with two staff. We offer hiking overnights, canoeing overnights, and wakeboarding overnights.


How is SMA different from other summer camps?
The things that really set us apart from other camps is our age range of 12-16. All of the activities we do are teen focused and that is really great. You get to choose your activities each day at our evening meeting rather than planning a week or two in advance. Our staff are all 21+ year of age. The thing that really makes SMA special is our size; with only 56 campers & 14 staff we becomes a very close knit group where every one is accepted and has true friends. Click Here to learn more.


What do I do if I forget something from home?
If you forget something at home we will call your parents immediately and have it mailed to camp A.S.A.P. We can also get the basics for you such as a towel, a tooth brush, etc.


Is there a family visiting day at SMA?
We do not have an official visiting day at SMA, you are welcome to come any time. Wednesdays and Sundays are best time for parents to visit. We can also accommodate you on other days as well.


What about I-pods and other electronic devises?
Electronic games and the like a prohibited at SMA. You may bring an I-pod or mp3 player but you may only listen to it at night in your bunk or in the van on long road trips to Hershey Park or the Youghigheny River.


Can I bring a cell phone to camp?
You can travel with a cell phone to and from camp but we need to keep it in the office while you are at camp. We do not get cell phone service at camp.