Welcome to Our Rock Climbing Masters Program for Teenagers!

A male teen Camper rock climbing.


The Rock Climbing Masters Program is ideal for campers who are excited about improving their climbing skills at our camp-owned rock climbing area and climbing wall and want to climb every day. Campers are welcome to bring their own climbing gear or use ours. The Rock Climbing Masters program is open to campers of all skill levels, however many campers enrolled in this program have climbing experience and are focused on raising their climbing game. Campers enrolled on our Rock Climbing Masters Program will:

  • Learn Advanced Rock Climbing Skills
  • Gain Strength and Endurance While Building Confidence
  • Learn From Experienced Instructors who are Passionate About Rock Climbing

To ensure quality of instruction and maximum attention from our staff, this program is limited to 8 campers per session. Access to top quality instructors and multiple climbing areas make SMA one of the best rock climbing camps for teens! Please note: Campers who do not sign up for this program will still have the chance to participate in the activity while at SMA, and those enrolled in the Masters program will still have ample opportunity to participate in other activities. Pricing information can be found on the Dates and Prices page.

Rock Climb on SMA Crags Every Day

Picture of a female Camper rock climbing

The exhilarating rush of climbing real crags while feeling a cool mountain breeze against your face, and conquering challenging rock formations... rock climbing is an electrifying adventure that taps into our primal instincts, igniting a passion for the vertical conquest and leaving adrenaline pumping through our veins like a rock and roll anthem! It's not just a sport; it's a daring dance with gravity that transforms ordinary landscapes into awe-inspiring playgrounds for teen who crave the thrill of the ascent! 




Make Improvements at All Skill Levels


The foundation of our Rock Climbing Masters program is fun, with a healthy dose of skill improvement. Our staff starts by evaluating campers’ climbing strengths and identifying areas of improvement. Enrolled campers will learn basic and advanced climbing knots and be be certified to belay.  Instructors will teach route reading skills helping campers hone the skill of analyzing a climbing route, identifying holds, planning sequences, and strategizing the best way to ascend. Campers will learn the importance of clear and concise communication with climbing partners using standard signals and commands to ensure a smooth and safe climbing experience.


Great Staff, Great Program


Mature, knowledgeable, and fun camp counselors are the backbone of our summer camp and especially of our Rock Climbing Masters Program. Camp Director Jud Millar's history with the NOLS, the North Carolina Outward Bound School and Shasta Mountain Guides form the foundation of our safety protocols


Keeping campers safe is always our number one priority, and teaching campers to keep themselves safe on and around the rocks is our number one priority. 


Bouldering and the Climbing Gym

Rock-Climbing-Summer-Camp-For-Teens-1We are blessed to have a top roping climbing crag as part of our camp facility.  In addition, about a 10 minute drive from camp in the Rothrock State Forest is an amazing bouldering playground called Hunters Rocks.  Based around the Rocky Ridge Natural Area there are literally hundreds of boulders to explore and climb on.


We also do a day trip each session to Climb Nittany located in State College.  With over 10,000 square feet of climbing walls, at Climb Nittany there is literally something for everyone!


Rock Climbing Camping Overnights

Climbing-Teen-Summer-campEach session, campers in the Rock Climbing  Masters program have the opportunity to go on a rock climbing camping overnight! We’ll pack up our climbing and camping gear and travel to nearby Greenwood Furnace State Park. This gives us the chance to rock climb and boulder at Hunters Rocks all day and then cool off with a swim in the lake before gathering around the campfire for stories and s’mores! It’s no wonder campers consistently point to these overnights as standout experiences at Stone Mountain Adventures.





Check Out The SMA Rock Climbing Video!


Check Out the Hunters Rock Video!


The Next Frontier will take you on an exclusive tour of some of Pennsylvania’s most aesthetic bouldering areas (Including Hunters Rock Bouldering Area). Featuring a handful of the state’s most dedicated climbers and original area developers, this film aims to highlight their world class development and inspire the fulfillment of the abundant untapped potential that remains in Pennsylvania.