Mountain Biking Summer Camp for Teenagers



We love to mountain bike at Stone Mountain Adventures! We ride on varied terrain: winding country roads, rolling hills, riverside paths, and the world-class single track Allegrippis Trails are all popular options for our mountain biking campers. We teach good riding technique to aspiring and seasoned riders alike.

Riding begins on the fields at camp where campers practice proper braking, shifting, maneuvering over obstacles, and staying relaxed on the bike. Next, the campers begin to explore the trail network including a skills park at Stone Mountain Adventures using the foundation of skills they have developed. As campers progress further in their skills and excitement for biking, they move off-camp to the famous Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake and in the Rothrock State Forest.

Our mountain biking camp emphasizes skill development, proper riding technique, safety, and enjoyment. Additionally, campers learn basic bike maintenance, including parts of the bike and safety equipment. Our bike shop, located in the barn, stores mountain bikes for all shapes and sizes, and provides room for campers who wish to bring their own equipment.


Ride Single Track or Mellow Trails 

Picture of a Camper riding a bikeAt Stone Mountain Adventures, we have an awesome ride for every skill level! Riding begins at camp, where campers can practice proper braking, shifting, maneuvering over obstacles, and staying relaxed on the bike. Next, the campers begin to explore the trail network including a skills park at Stone Mountain Adventures using the skills they have developed. We ride everything from the easygoing “Rails to Trails” path along the Juniata River to the more technical trails in the Rothrock State Forest. For many of our campers, the skills park at Raystown Lake and the adjacent award-winning Allegrippis Trails are the ultimate fun time and biking experience!


Great Staff, Great Program

A group of Campers pose for a pictureMature, knowledgeable, and fun camp counselors are the backbone of our camp and especially of our mountain biking program. Our experienced staff evaluates riders and teach a range of riding techniques to help campers take their biking to the next level!

Keeping campers safe is always our number one priority, and teaching campers to keep themselves safe by keeping control of the bike is an integral part of our program. Of course, our staff is also there to lead by example, motivating campers to push themselves and stretch their comfort zones while maintaining safety at all times.



Make Improvements at All Skill Levels

Teen-Mountain-Biking-Summer-campsThe foundation of our mountain biking program is fun, with a healthy dose of skill improvement. Our staff starts by evaluating campers’ riding strengths and identifying areas of improvement. Our instructors take the time to teach both basic and advanced riding skills, such as the proper attack position for every situation, braking, cornering, building speed through rollers, and more. Besides creating this learning environment, the Mountain Bike Masters program provides campers the opportunity to practice these techniques on the trail and at the skills park.


Mountain Biking Overnights

Picture of a camp tent.The highlight of the SMA mountain biking program each session is the camping overnight. This is a chance for interested campers to get out and ride for an afternoon, set up a campsite, and sleep out under the stars! We normally camp at Raystown Lake, where we can ride in dirty and happy from the nearby Allegrippis Trails. Then, it’s back up the next day for more mountain biking! A mountain biking overnight is something that every rider at SMA should certainly try.


Become a Mountain Bike Master

The Mountain Bike Masters program is ideal for campers who are excited about improving their skills on world-class single track trails on a daily basis. Campers are welcome to bring their own bikes or ride one of ours, purchased locally from Rothrock Outfitters. The Mountain Bike Masters program is open to campers of all skill levels, provided they feel comfortable riding single track trails. To ensure quality of instruction and maximum attention from our staff, this program is limited to six campers per session. Please note that campers not enrolled in the Mountain Bike Masters program will get ample time to mountain bike during their time at Stone Mountain Adventures. Access to top quality instructors and world class trails make SMA one of the best mountain biking camps for teens!