Daily Schedule at SMA Teen Summer Camp


Our daily schedule provides the rhythm and routine that we all need, balanced with the excitement of activities which campers choose themselves! While certain days are special (like our All Camp Days, community service days, camping overnights, and more), each day we typically offer a morning activity, afternoon activity, an hour of free time before dinner, an "all-camp" meeting, and finally an evening activity before lights out.


A Typical Day at SMA:

A screenshot of the daily activities in SMA camp and time.


"Special" Days 


All-Day Activities

Over the summer, there are several activities which require the time of both the morning and afternoon activity slots. For instance, SMA will occasionally offer all-day wakeboarding, mountain biking, or horseback riding, usually giving preference to campers enrolled in the Masters program of a given activity, if applicable. Additionally, each session we go whitewater rafting, a trip which takes one long, glorious, fun-filled day!

Service Projects
Once a week we offer the opportunity for campers to participate in local service projects. Click here to learn more. 

All Camp Days
All Camp Days come once a week and are one of Stone Mountain Adventure’s most beloved traditions! Campers get to sleep in and a special breakfast of donuts and bagels is served. We then do some serious cabin cleaning (more thorough than our daily morning tidying up) that, of course, is absolutely not at all competitive whatsoever, and the cleanest cabin will win a special prize! After lunch we travel to one of the many lakeside activity spots that surround camp for a fun afternoon of sports, hiking, crafts, swimming, and relaxing. We finish out our All Camp Days with a delicious all-camp BBQ!