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International Campers at SMA Teen Summer Camp


Every Summer Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA) play host to a handful of international campers.  To ensure a positive summer experience at SMA we ask that you please review the information on this page thoroughly.  If you have any other questions please contact Director Jud directly: 814-667-3874 

Stone Mountain Adventures has many advantages for international campers:

  • We are a small camp that can give personal attention to each camper’s needs in a new culture.
  • We create a friendly supportive atmosphere that is a "home like" setting for an international campers. 
  • One purpose of families enrolling their teenager in a summer camp in the USA is to learn more conversational English language.  Therefore, we accept no more than seven campers who are native speakers in a given language. This avoids the tendency to just spend time with your language speakers.
  • Our staff meet international campers at Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC, and drive the camper directly to camp (approximately three hours). Staff return and wait with international campers at Dulles until their flights depart.
  • Campers can call home to speak with families on certain days.
  • Families can send E-mail messages or faxes for the camper whenever they wish.
  • Credit Cards and International Bank Wires can be used for payments.

International Camper All-Inclusive Package  

  • Dulles International Airport Pickup/Dropoff Service                  $350 for 2 Weeks

  • Bed Linens, Pillows, Towels, etc.                                              $425 for 4 Weeks

  • Sleeping Pad and Sleeping Bag for Camping Overnights        $500 for 6 Weeks

  • Baggage Coordination at Camp                                               $575 for 8 Weeks

  • Family/Camper Communication via Phone and E-mail

General Questions for International Campers:

  • When packing for camp please refer to our International Packing List
  • Please complete our Online Medical and Travel Forms
  • As part of the International All Inclusive Package you Do Not need to pack linens 
    • Pillows, Blankets, Towels, Sleeping Bag and Pad, etc.
  • Cell phones and other electronics aren’t allowed at camp but can be used by campers while traveling.

How to learn more about Stone Mountain Adventures USA Summer Camp for Teens:

    ●    Contact Camp Director Jud Millar anytime: 

    ●    Read our “International Camper Frequently Asked Questions” page.

    ●    Contact international veteran families to learn more about SMA.  This is a terrific way to learn more about our summer camp.


David Bird, York, ENGLAND                                175-936-8684

Hannah Dalton, Berkshire, ENGLAND              01344622020

Thomas Lassen, Holte, DENMARK                   45.2521.9050

Rasmus Boas, Holte, DENMARK                       45.2830.5214

Victoire Franquebalme, Marseille, FRANCE  4-91-22-0233

Emma Bachelerie, Dubai, UAE                            971502.54.1598

Ben Dillard, Fourqueux, FRANCE            

Anatole Laugier, Paris, FRANCE                          33.684.01.7330

Nine Pradal, Neuilly dur Seine, FRANCE

Alic De Sanctis, Campagnano, ITALY                  069-043-038

Iris de Narbonne, Milan, ITALY                            39-02-4351-1368

Andre Mata, Lisbon, Portugal                                51-213-860-348

Adriana Baquerio, Xalapa, Veracruz, MEXICO   228-812-0327

Daniel Sequeira, San Jose, Costa Rica               9.715.025.41598

Thomas Allichhammer, Bisamberg, AUSTRIA     2262-71100

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