A Message from Camp Director Jud Millar


Hello! I'm Jud Millar, and I'm the Camp Director at Stone Mountain Adventures. My parents Pam and Biff Houldin started Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA) in 1983, by opening our family farm to a small group of teens and counselors. I grew up here at the farm, attending SMA as a camper and later working as a counselor. My wife Anne and I bring a combined 40+ years of experience teaching in traditional and non-traditional school settings, coaching youth sports, leading international trips for high school students, and leading wilderness and mountaineering trips. With our two young children along for the ride, we are now lucky enough to own and operate SMA! Pam and Biff live just across the road and are still involved in the day-to-day activities of camp.


Since that amazing first summer in 1983, SMA has morphed into a magical summer camp and is truly a home away from home for so many people across the globe. Over the decades, we've kept our promise of staying a small, family-oriented summer camp. We believe that our camp’s small size directly affects the quality of our programming and the fulfillment of our mission, as camp quickly becomes a close knit community that creates strong, positive social relationships. Campers are challenged during activities every day, which builds self-confidence and promotes curiosity. The mutual respect between campers and staff and the increased sense of responsibility that comes with living communally helps teens to discover who they really are and how they fit into this world. Being a young teen can be a challenging time, and SMA is a fun and safe place for teens to grow emotionally and physically.


Year after year, our greatest concern is for the safety of our campers and staff. Constant attention is given to the physical and emotional health of everybody at camp. Precautions are taken and safety is paramount (seat belts, helmets, life jackets, etc. are always non-negotiable). The small size of SMA helps the staff team and me to keep a finger on the pulse of camp and maintain high health and safety standards all summer long.


Stone Mountain Adventures is a fantastically fun, healthy atmosphere for all during the summer, full of laughter and discovery. Some people think we are crazy to invite so many teens to our home, but we have a large family of our own, so the summer is just a little noisier, that's all! We genuinely enjoy the opportunity to create a healthy and fun atmosphere in which teenagers and staff can develop greater confidence by setting and achieving personal goals at camp. We invite you to join our summer family and hope to see you at camp soon!

                                                               – Jud & Anne Millar