Shred the Wake at SMA: The Wakemasters Program


The Wakemasters Program is for campers who are excited about the thrill of wakeboarding or waterskiing and serious about improving their skills. Participants will have the opportunity to get out on the lake and ride at least several times per week. As a member of the Wakemaster Program, you will be part of a team that is serious about skill development and even more serious about fun. To ensure quality, this program is limited to eight campers per session. Please note: Campers who do not sign up for this program will still have the chance to participate in the activity while at SMA, and those enrolled in the Masters program will still have ample opportunity to participate in other activities. Pricing information can be found on the Dates and Prices page.

Experienced instructors will assist campers in:

  • Setting realistic goals for the camp session
  • Boat and water safety
  • Building confidence on the board or skis
  • Giving campers constructive feedback by videoing riding sessions
  • Developing skills to take skiing and boarding to the next level 

Develop Skills and Learn New Tricks

Wakeboading-Summer-Camps-For-Teens-USA.jpgOur ski and wakeboard boat provides the perfect speed and ideal wake shape to take your skiing and riding to the next level.  Beginner Wakeboarders and Water Skiers will learn to be comfortable riding behind the boat while developing skills and confidence. Intermediate and advanced riders will learn from experienced instructors and other campers and be challenged to further develop their skills.
Our experienced instructors work with you to set goals and provide the necessary step-by-step instructions to help you achieve those goals.  The Wakemasters Program is a fun and exciting way to learn new skills and develop new tricks while hanging out on the boat with like minded campers. 

Raystown Lake is our Playground


Thanks to our closeness to Raystown Lake, we’re lucky enough to run our wakeboarding and water skiing program on one of Pennsylvania’s largest lakes. Completed in 1973 by the Army Corps of Engineers, Raystown is one of the largest man-made lakes in America at 28 miles long, with 110 miles of shoreline. Public land and recreational design ensure the lake stays beautifully rural and clean all summer long. We use a well-maintained camp motorboat (complete with a wake tower) and attentive, experienced instructors to offer up to two sessions of wakeboarding and waterskiing per day. Activity sessions are spent teaching campers to challenge themselves through water sports while exploring the coves, bays, and cliffs of Raystown Lake from the comfort of a private boat!


Learn from Experienced Instructors


Mature, experienced, and fun camp counselors are the backbone of our camp and especially our Wakeboarding and Water Skiing Program. Whether on the boat, on the board, or in the water, keeping campers safe is always our first priority. All campers will learn the universal hand signals to communicate with the boat driver as they ride, as well as learn to “spot” for their peers. When working with beginners, our staff knows how to set them up for success by communicating fundamentals, demonstrating as needed, and providing actionable encouragement and instruction, always with a focus on having fun. Our instructors are also equipped to teach our more experienced riders (some of whom bring their own boards!) advanced riding techniques and tricks.

Wakeboarding Camping Overnights 

Water-Skiing-Summer-Camps-For-Teens.jpgSeveral times per session we offer Wakeboarding and Water Skiing overnights. During these trips campers will depart camp after lunch for Raystown Lake, where they’ll set up camp at a campground and spend the afternoon out on the lake. Darkness brings dinner, a campfire, s’mores, stories, and a well-deserved rest in a tent or out under the stars. Motivated campers will rise for an early-morning wakeboarding and water skiing session, but everyone will get a turn on the boat whether it’s before breakfast or after! We then pack up our site and return to camp for lunch with many stories to tell.