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Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA) is a co-ed overnight teen summer camp for 60 teenagers ages 12-16 located in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. 

 We offer exciting and engaging activities and events everyday including:


 Our teen and “tween” campers learn new skills, gain self confidence, make strong friendships and become members of our strong, value centered summer community. 

 Things that make SMA Teen Camp unique are:

  • Young Teen Focused Activities
  • Choose Your Own Activities Everyday
  • Adventures and Camping Overnights Out of Camp
  • Campers increase self confidence and independence

 As with many aspects of teenagers lives our camp is also a very social place and we work hard to model and encourage positive relationships, create community in an authentic way, stop cliques from developing, and take away many of the traditional pressures that teens feel in school. 

 The result is that campers feel a new found freedom to explore who they truly are while at the same time feeling like they have a new “home away from home” at Stone Mountain Adventures.  


Stone Mountain Adventures is an overnight summer camp where teens and “tween” campers will be challenged on our activities, foster independence and leadership skills, develop strong friendships with fellow campers and our staff all while having fun every day and making memories to last a lifetime.


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