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Camp Connections A message from Director Jud Millar: This web page is to provide the Camp Connection Team with all the pertinent and updated information about SMA for you to share with your clients. Consider this your "One-Stop-Shop" for everything Stone Mountain Adventures! Please feel free to contact us anytime with additional questions. Anne and I look forward to working together with you to create incredible overnight summer camp experiences for your clients.  Thanks! ~ Jud & Anne


2024 SMA Dates and Prices                      


2-Week Sessions              $3,465                                                   

     Session 1 (SMA1)         Sat 6/22          to       Fri 7/ 5   

     Session 2 (SMA2)         Sat 7/6            to       Fri 7/19  

     Session 3 (SMA3)         Sun 7/21         to       Sat 8/3                                        

     Session 4 (SMA4)         Mon 8/5          to       Sat 8/17 

4-Week Sessions              $6,795                                             

      Session 1 + 2                Sat 6/22         to       Fri 7/19  

      Session 2 + 3                Sat 7/6           to       Sat 8/3  

      Session 3 + 4                Sun 7/21        to       Sat 8/17

6-Week Sessions               $10,195                

      Session 1 + 2 + 3          Sat 6/22          to      Sat 8/3    

      Session 2 + 3 + 4          Sun 7/6           to      Sat 8/17  

8 Week Session                 $13,545                 

      Session 1 + 2 + 3 + 4    Sat 6/22        to        Sat 8/17  

1-Week Sessions               $1,735                     

      Session 4-1 (SMA4-1)    Mon 8/5        to       Sun 8/11

      Session 4-2 (SMA4-2)    Sun 8/11       to       Sat 8/17

(Click here for the SMA Dates and Prices Page)


What session lengths do first year campers usually sign up for?

  • Most first year campers attend SMA for two or four weeks, depending on what a family's summer looks like. Parents often think they want shorter sessions, but longer sessions are usually better for kids.

If a camper stays for four weeks, is the second two week session a repeat of the first session? 

A Camper mountain climbingThe answer to the is “yes” and “no.”

    • Yes, there are some things that we do that are the same as first session, such as the opening night meeting and staff skit, white water rafting, and camping overnights.
    • No, it’s not the same because we plan different daily/evening activities and events to keep things exciting. Also, there will be new additions to the group with the new session that will create a new group vibe. We work hard to create a schedule so that the combined sessions flow like a standalone four week session.  

Why does SMA only offer one week sessions in August?

  • We typically have the lowest enrollment numbers towards the end of the summer. In an effort to bolster our numbers, we offer one week sessions in August. These one week sessions are surprisingly popular with kids who have not attended camp before and want to "try it out" or with families who need to fill in a week with something fun at the end of the summer. Many campers attend the first, one week session and stay for both because they're having so much fun!

Important SMA Camp Policy Updates:

  • DSC_1695-1Phones and Electronics: Phones and and devises are prohibited at SMA. We strongly believe that camp is an important time to "unplug" and learn vital interpersonal skills while connecting with friends and nature.  Exceptions to this rule include:
    • Campers flying to camp OR taking the SMA Camp Van are encouraged to travel with a phone for communication and safety.
    • Campers may bring an E-Reader to camp as long as it is used only in the cabin before bedtime.
    • Campers may bring old i-Pods or MP3 players that do not connect to the wifi to listen to music in bed at bedtime or connect to bluetooth speakers around camp.
    • Campers can bring GoPros or a digital camera to SMA, but we email photo galleries after camp.
  • Food Allergies: We can accommodate campers with the following food allergies or needs:
    • Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies
    • Gluten Free 
    • Vegetarian 
    • Lactose Intolerance 
    • Vegan 
  • Medications and Epi-Pens: SMA can accommodate campers who take daily medications as well as campers who need Epi-Pens, who are diabetic, or who take daily injections. All medication is submitted to SMA Camp Directors and is stored in our secure First Aid Room. All medications are administered by SMA Medical Staff.   
  • First Aid and Medical Treatment at SMA
    • We have a camp physician, Dr. Allison Holmes,1st Aid Teen Summer Camp who makes "house calls" and phone consults.
    • An Urgent Care Clinic and an Emergency Room at Penn Highlands Hospital is eight miles from camp in Huntingdon.  
    • Larger hospitals are 25 miles away in Altoona, PA, and State College, PA, where Penn State University is located.  
  • Campers with Special Needs: We are a "main stream" summer camp. Due to our smaller size we can accommodate a few campers each session with:
    • Minor physical disabilities
    • Campers with ADHD
    • Campers on the Autism or Asperger’s Spectrum on a case-by-case basis
  • Visiting Days: 
    • DSC_1389We do not have a specific visiting day, however, parents/guardians are permitted to visit, especially if their camper is staying for multiple sessions. "Inter-session" days are great days for families to visit.  Enrolled Campers are also welcome to schedule a visit anytime during the year.  At this time, we do not have any scheduled open houses.
    • Camp Tours: Prospective families are able to schedule a tour of Stone Mountain Adventures any time in the off season.  The best time for prospective families to visit is when camp is in session so they can experience camp "first hand."
  • Tuition Discounts:
    • Early enrollment discounts are offered to returning campers.
    • Sibling discounts are offered to the second camper enrolled.
    • Partial scholarships and financial assistance are available to limited families each summer. We award partial scholarships to deserving kids who would otherwise not be able to afford camp tuition.
  • We now offer archery at SMA!
    • Screenshot 2024-01-04 192507Last summer we built a temporary archery range at Stone Mountain Adventures. 
    • Campers and staff loved this new activity so much that we decided to install a permanent range for the SMA Summer of 2024!
  • A transition in our Equestrian Program
    • The horseback riding program is in the process of going through some changes. Pam Houldin founded SMA with her husband Biff in 1983. She has been running the SMA Horsemasters program every summer since then.

    • Pam Houldin has downsized her herd of horses from 22 to 6 and has officially 


      retired (don't use that work around her, she prefers "transitioned") and is no longer running her therapeutic riding program or directing the riding program at SMA.  

    • Fortunately, our neighbor Haley Campbell operates an equestrian program called Fox Run Riding. Campers can walk to her barn from camp because she is so close.

    • Haley runs our equestrian program, but we no longer offer Horsemasters Program. Click Here to learn more.  

  • mountain-biking-summer-camps-for-teens-Jan-05-2024-01-04-47-6895-AMMountain biking continues to be our #1 growing activity
    • Many teens are passionate about mountain biking and we have access to incredible trails in camp and our immediate area.  
    • The Alligrippis Trail system was designed and built by IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) as the first premier single track trail system on the East Coast.
    • The Allegrippis Trail System is 33 miles long in 3 to 5 mile stacked loops.
    • The trails are professionally built and are full of exciting features including banked turns, rollers, whoop-de-doos, wooden features, and much more!  
    • Some campers at SMA are on middle and high school mountain biking teams and choose SMA and our Mountain Biking Masters Program to hone their skills, gain strength and endurance, and have fun riding bikes! 


Special Option Masters Programs  

FLAGThere are three Masters Programs at SMA for campers - mountain biking, rock climbing, and  wakeboarding/waterskiing.

  • These programs are designed for campers to: 
    • Develop program specific skills
    • Learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about their discipline
    • Gain confidence and have fun with campers with similar interests
  • Campers will be in their Masters Program activity in either the morning or afternoon. 
  • These programs ARE open to beginners to advanced campers.
  • Campers NOT ENROLLED in these Masters Programs will have the opportunity to do these activities while they are at SMA.
  • The Mountain Bike Masters Program:  This program is ideal for campers who are passionate about mountain biking and excited about riding world class trails on a daily basis. We ride SMA Camp Trails, hit the Skills Park, and ride the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake. We have many campers who ride competitively in middle school or high school, and use this program to train and gain skills. (Limited to 8 campers)
  • The Rock Climbing Masters Program: This Program is designed for campers who are passionate about rock climbing and want to dedicate part of each day to climbing outside on real rocks. We are lucky to own Donation Rocks so we can literally walk to the crags. Campers in Rock Climbing Masters will learn from experienced instructors, improve climbing technique, and gain strength while having fun. We primarily do top rope climbing with some "mock leading climbing" sprinkled in as well. Campers in the program will have the opportunity to go bouldering and on rainy days climb at an indoor climbing gym. (Limited to 8 Campers)
  • The Wakemasters Program: Campers who are excited about the thrill of wake boarding or water skiing and serious about improving their skills will love this program. Participants can ski up to three activity sessions per week (often more!) and may attend one specialized clinic. This program is designed to provide individual attention to each camper. Experienced instructors assist campers in building confidence and developing valuable skills so they can take their skiing and boarding to the next level. (Limited to 8 campers) 

 (Click Here for the Special Option Master Programs Page)

2023 Camper and Staff Demographic

Campers: Our enrollment was solid and we had about a 60% return rate!


The age range at SMA is 12 to 16.

  • New campers attend SMA each summer and each session at every age.
  • We accept a few 11 year old and 17 year old campers each summer.
  • As you can see from the chart below, the majority of our campers were ages 13, 14 and 15.
    SMA Teen Camp Age


  • We had a good balance in 2023 with a few more boys than girls.

SMA Teen Camp  Gender

Camper and Staff Diversity

  • Sleepaway-Camps-for-teens-Jan-04-2024-11-10-10-3817-PMWe strive to have a diverse camper and staff population at Stone Mountain Adventures and recognize the value of a diverse population.
  • As a smaller camp with only 60 campers, we continue to search for ways to further diversify our camper and staff population.

Camper Demographics

  • We had campers from 13 states with the majority from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
  • We had international campers from five countries - France, Spain, the UK, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

SMA Teen Camp State of resedence


Camp Counselors and SMA Staff:

  • Our Management Team includes Jud & Anne Millar, Owner/Directors, and Pam & Biff Houldin, the founders of SMA.
  • We had 14 camp counselors ranging in ages from 21 to 26 from six states and international staff from England, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Five of our camp counselors were former SMA campers!
  • All staff participated in our mandatory 10 day pre-camp staff training. 

We recently started a CIT Program:

  • We call our CITs "AOPs" at SMA for "Aspiring Outdoor Professionals."
  • This program is open to former campers and others ages 18 to 20.
  • AOPs assist camp counselors in leading camp activities every day.
  • AOP's must commit to a minimum of two weeks and are paid a stipend. 


 General Information about Stone Mountain Adventures

  • Teen-Camp-Oct-27-2023-11-35-50-5302-AMFounded in 1983 by Pam and Biff Houldin, SMA is now owned and operated by their son Jud Millar and his wife Anne. We celebrated our 40th summer in 2023 and we cannot wait for our 41st summer!
  • Age Range and Capacity:
    • Our capacity is 60 Campers
    • Our age range is 12 to 16. We occasionally have 11 or 17 year olds, depending their maturity level and the camper's interests and attitude.
  • Location:  We are located in the central mountains and valleys of Pennsylvania eight miles from Huntingdon (home of Juniata College) and 25 miles south of State College (home of Penn State University).  We are:
    • 3 hours from Washington, DC
    • 3 hours from Baltimore, MD
    • 3 hours from Philadelphia, PA
    • 4.5 hours from New York City, NY
    • 7 hours from Boston, MA
    • 3 hours from Pittsburgh, PA
  • SMA Camp Van Service: We offer SMA Van Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service from the D1SC_10938following locations:
    • DC Van: Dulles International Airport for DC area campers as well as domestic and international flights.
    • Harrisburg Van: We pick up campers at the Harrisburg International Airport. Some families from the greater Philadelphia area opt to drive the shorter distance and meet the Harrisburg Van.  
    • The Northeast Van: We meet families from northern New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, West Chester County, and West Haven and Westport, Connecticut for campers driving down from Boston.
    • Penn State Van: University Park Airport in State College is only 25 miles from camp with regional direct flights from the DC area, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Newark.  
    • Amtrak Train Service: Our closest town of Huntingdon is on the Main Line. Campers from New York and Philadelphia can take a direct Amtrak Train to Huntingdon, PA.

SMA Summer Camp Mission Statement and Philosophy:

Our Mission Statement:

  • P1012491-1The purpose of Stone Mountain Adventures is to provide growth experiences for campers through our camp activities and the group process of living together at SMA… and to have fun everyday!

Our Camp Philosophy:

  • At Stone Mountain Adventures, we believe that individuals should be challenged to step beyond their own abilities: to ride with confidence, to climb with technique, to control the sail, to bike one more hill. Stepping beyond also means personal growth: developing self-reliance; trusting in new friendships; learning to be sensitive to the needs of others in the community.
  • With only 60 campers ages 12 to 16 and a staff of 16-20, Stone Mountain Adventures feels like a family of good friends sharing the summer’s adventures in a noncompetitive atmosphere. We celebrate our victories, accept our shortcomings, and learn from both.
  • As the days flow by, our philosophy of respect and sharing emerge. We learn respect for animals, the outdoors, and one another. As strong individuals, we come together as a summer family while learning and having fun together.

Choose your own adventure Blue

What makes SMA unique? 

  • It's easy to be a first time camper - SMA is a terrific choice for teens who have never been to sleep away camp before OR  for teens looking for a new camp because campers have not been here for more than five years. 
  • Teen focused camp (ages 12-16) - ALL of our programming, from evening activities to adventure activities, is TEEN focused.
  • Exciting activities in and out of camp - Many of the activities we offer are out of camp giving campers the opportunity to see beautiful central Pennsylvania on a daily basis.
  • Overnight camping trips out of camp - Campers can sleep under the stars when they choose from hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking and wakeboarding overnights. Camping overnights are offered once a week (twice during a two week session) and usually three overnights are out of camp at one time.  
  • SMA feels like family: With a small group of 60 campers our staff staff are intentional about everything they do at camp to accelerate the friendship making process. They are laser focused on making campers feel at home here and when the magic of camp happens everyone feels like family.  
  • Community Service Projects: Once during each of our two week sessions we have a "Community Service Day" as a morning or afternoon activity. Campers will have five projects to choose from - it's amazing how much 60 campers and 16 staff can accomplish in four hours! Campers receive a service hours certificate if requested.   
  • College and University Visits: Our 15 and 16 year old campers have the option to tour Juniata College and/or Penn State University while at camp.  
  • We offer freedom, respect, and challenges to help teens develop their independence. 


There is no Wifi at Camp... Blue-1

What is a "typical" SMA camper like? 

We have all sorts of campers at SMA - some who come to focus on activities like rock climbing or mountain biking and others who are new to everything and not focused on athletics. 

Campers who find success at SMA typically are:

  • Teens who look at our list of activities and are excited about what we offer. Other campers already have experience and want to focus on certain activities.
  • Campers interested in making new friends.
  • SMA Campers are typically not varsity athletes and many are beginners with all our adventure activities.
  • Many campers attend SMA as a first overnight camp experience while others have aged out of another camp.
  • Our smaller age range (12 to 16) makes it easier to be a first year camper at SMA

We work hard to make new campers feel "at home" at SMA, which often results in campers being more willing to take healthy risks. We find those risks can happen while trying to rock climb or white water raft or while dressing up in costume for a skit in an evening activity. The feedback we receive is that campers feel like they can be "themselves" at SMA. 


What activities do we offer at SMA? 

 Water Sports

Water sports.png

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Outdoor Adventure Activities-1.png

Athletic/Team Sports


Creative Arts


Other Activities



What's so great about a small adventure camp for teens anyway? 

  • Rafting midsizedWe believe that our camp’s small size directly affects the quality of our programming as camp quickly becomes a close knit community that creates strong, positive, intrapersonal relationships.
  • Campers are challenged on activities every day which builds confidence.
  • The combination of mutual respect among campers and staff and the increased self-confidence through physical endeavors helps teens to begin to discover who they really are and how they fit into this world. 
  • Being a young teen can be a challenging time and SMA is a fun, safe place for teens to grow emotionally and physically. 
  • With a small group of 60 campers our staff are intentional about everything they do at camp to accelerate the friendship making process.  They are laser focused on making campers feel at home here and when the magic of camp happens everyone feels like family.

A quick Millar/Houldin Family Update:

  • Biff Houldin is 83 years young and still as spry as ever. He is actively involved in Habitat for Humanity, and loves to travel and spend time with family.
  • Pam Houldin has downsized her herd of horses from 22 to 6.  She has officially retired (don't use that work around her, she prefers "transitioned") and is no longer running her theraputic riding program. We are fortunate our neighbor named Haley Campbell, who runs Fox Run Riding, offers equestrian opportunities. Campers can walk to her barn from camp because she is so close. Haley currently runs our equestrian program. Learn more about Pam's journey.   
  • Molly Millar (15 and in 10th grade) is passionate about soccer. She plays keeper for her h.s. team and her club team, Penn FC. She's a jr. snowboarding instructor at Blue Knob, a CIT at Hameau Farm Camp, and a breakfast line cook/bathroom cleaner at SMA. 
  • Wyatt Millar (17 years old and a senior) is into all things musical.  He participates in multiple choir groups and plays the trombone in the marching band, jazz band, and modern band He's applied to several schools and is prepping for auditions. This spring he plays Mayor Shinn in The Music Man. He's really found his path in music and plans to pursue music education. 
  • Anne "Taxi" Millar is serving on the local school board and volunteers as a monitor for the local PA Prison Society chapter. She continues to love reading, running, puzzles of all sorts, and our cats and dogs.  
  • Jud Millar is focused on filling SMA and recruiting the best staff team ever. He's still cherishing fall memories of the Rugby World Cup in France. Jud will attend six camp fairs in January and February from Boston to DC. Jud is passionate about family, skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, and taking the dogs for walks.


How can Camp Connection clients learn more about Stone Mountain Adventures?  

  • Send clients to our web site (www.sma-summers.com) where they will find a short promotional video. 
  • Send us the lead and we will immediately send our brochure with references. We will send a follow up e-mail with helpful links to pertinent pages on our site.  
  • Set up a home visit with Director Jud: Yes, we still do home visits as it's still the best way to connect with families.
  • Schedule a phone call or an online presentation for families we are not able to meet in person. Families can Click Here to schedule a phone call or online meeting on my calendar.  

How can you learn more about SMA to better serve your clients?

  • Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it anytime.  
  • Camp Director and Owner Jud Millar is happy to schedule a phone call or zoom presentation and show you a condensed version of the slideshow we share with parents.  
  • Please Click Here to schedule a phone call or zoom meeting with Jud Millar.

Thank you for taking time to view this web page. We look forward to working with you this season and to providing your clients with an incredible summer camp experience. Please feel free to contact us any time: 814-667-3874 jud@sma-summers.com 

       Warm regards,

                Jud, Anne, Wyatt, Molly, Pam, Biff, and all the furry critters at SMA!