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Benefits of Rock Climbing for Teens: Rock Climbing Summer Camp

Posted by Kyle Stapp on Wed, Mar 1, 2017

Why Rock Climbing is Healthy for Teenagers

Our teenage years are a part of the foundation that shapes the rest of our lives. The influences and experiences we have during our teenage years matter, and therefore, when we have choices; the choices we make matter. Rock climbing and all it involves, is a total teenage developmental package that can set teenagers up for success in many aspects of their life.


Therefore, rock climbing is an incredibly healthy choice, offering a little bit of everything in one experience; maximizing what you get both monetarily and experientially (total value = maximized). Rock climbing and the Stone Mountain Adventure’s rock climbing summer camp program is healthy for teenagers for the following reasons (not exhaustive):

Rock Climbing CampPositive self-esteem and self-concept

  • Goal setting (and achieving)
  • Decision making (positive, sustainable judgement)
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Improvisation

Inter-hemispheric integration (incredibly important!)

Rock climbing often requires contra-lateral movement, which induces inter-hemispheric integration, which engages the corpus collosum and means both hemispheres of your brain are freely communicating. This state often acts as a “reset” for our minds and allows us to maximize our overall potential.

Vestibular System development (balance)

Tactile System development (sensory)

Proprioception development (body awareness)

Fine and gross motor skills development

Inter-personal relationship development

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication development
  • Team work/building skills
  • Direct communication
    • Comfortable and uncomfortable feedback


Intra-personal relationship development

  • “Optimum performance” state aka the “flow state” or “flow”
  • Self-regulation
    • Modifications of the levels and impact of fear
    • Stress management
    • Time management
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-awareness/actualization
  • Locus of control

Physical exercise

  • Endorphin release (feels good, relieves stress)
  • Muscular toning/growth
  • Joint and bone strengthening
  • Promotes weight loss

Natural health benefits of being in nature (outdoor rock climbing!)

  • Just being out in nature, rock climbing or not, has proven to:
    • Promote weight loss
    • Reduce arthritic pain
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Lower the risk of diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease
    • Reduce stress, anxiety, rumination and depression
    • Calm the mind
    • Improve confidence and self-esteem


Rock Climbing CampRock climbing and backcountry living hard skill acquirement (just a few examples…)

  • Belaying
  • Knots
  • Rappelling
  • Camp fire building


As you can see rock climbing is a multi-tasking, developmental, one-stop “shop” that is possibly one of the healthiest activities, sports, experiences, lifestyles that a teenager can partake in or have, ever. Regardless, if your kid is a seasoned climbing veteran, or has never even touched real rock before, Stone Mountain Adventure’s offer’s outdoor rock climbing experiences for any teen at any level. Come share a rope with us and learn some awesome rock climbing skills at Stone Mountain Adventures!


Written by –


Kyle Stapp

Head Rock Climbing Guide


Awakening Adventures PA




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