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Mirena to Return for her 5th Summer: Summer Camp for Teens

Posted by Jud Millar

Mon, Dec 12, 2016

Hi, my name is Mirena Medina. I have been going Stone Mountain Adventures for four years and I am ecstatic to be spending my fifth and last summer at such a wonderful place. I can say with 100% conviction that Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer Camp is my favorite place on Earth. And when my camper experience was coming to an end and I found out there was an opportunity for me to return, there was no way I was not going to jump at that opportunity.

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SMA Session 2 Memory Book: 2 Week Teen Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar

Mon, Sep 22, 2014



I met so many new people and even tried some new things at camp. Bowling was a lot of fun, and rafting was the best yet. Even though I came into this session already close friends with Alex, we both made friends with all of the new and returning people in 2nd session. This will probably be my last time at SMA and I’ve had a great time this summer. I’m really going to miss summers at Stone Mountain, but all the time I have been here was awesome.  

Mathilde V.

This was my 3rd year at SMA Teen Summer Camp, and I just realized how much I love Alex Leonard. We have spent every single day together and my realization made me realize something else (basically like Inception). It’s of being woken up by the Birdy song (which I have a love-hate relationship with) and eating grilled cheese at lunch and straight chillin’ at windsurf/sail and Walmart and the Yough and paper plates, and I just realized how much I love just about everything here. I thought I knew everything about this place but every year I come, I find out little things that make my love for you guys and everything here grow. I can’t wait until the next 2 sessions and next year and every single session I come back until I am a super camper (hopefully) because SMA is my summer home and it always will be.


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