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The arrival of winter at SMA: Read about Changes in Camp Since Summer.

Posted by Jud Millar

Wed, Dec 18, 2013

Winter and now the holiday season is already here... it seems like just a few weeks ago we were planning the Session 3 Crew Olympics and playing "Jud Games" on the front lawn. It’s hard to believe that the Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer of 2013  ended about four months ago. Since then the leaves on the trees have changed color and fallen off and, as I write this, the temperature outside is a chilly 16 degrees. More snow is expected this weekend!

The rhythm of the seasons brings familiar change and now that the first snow fall and inaugural sled riding on Pam and Biff’s hill have come and gone, in general, we spend more time inside stoking the wood stove than outside “playing.” With shorter days and longer nights it’s a little harder to get outside and easier to curl up with a book. But the winter world is beautiful and peaceful and gives new perspective on a familiar landscape.  Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer camp in now blanketed by snow.

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Recap of 1st Week of Stone Mountain Adventures 2013 Teens Summer Camp.

Posted by Jud Millar

Mon, Jul 1, 2013

It is hard to believe that our first week of summer camp fun has already ended. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! All the campers have settled nicely into their perspective cabins, and have spent some quality time with their bunkmates establishing a mutual understanding and living arrangement. When it’s time for lights out, we always hear a fair share of laughter coming from all the cabins and stories of late night talks in the morning at breakfast.

            Our first week was packed with thrilling summer camp activities! The Wakemasters have hit up Raystown Lake and have already set their personal goals for the session. “I’m going to clear the wake” or “I’m going to land that jump” are only a few examples of how motivated and determined our kids really are. Windsurf and sail has been a very popular activity so far. Who wouldn’t love relaxing and getting a tan on top of a windsurf board. The rock climbing extravaganzas have also begun and the campers are having an absolute blast conquering each rock placed in front of them. On another note, rumors from the barn have spread and all of the Horsemasters have picked their perspective horses to care for. Riding lessons have begun and all the horse chicks are looking forward to their first trail ride in the upcoming week. Basketball knockout games, arts and craft, tennis, softball and of course ultimate frisbee have all been a huge success thus far this session. And of course the campers are always ready for a cool dip in the lake after a hot sweaty intense game. The only way to describe the first week at SMA summer camp is action packed!

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