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SMA 2014 Session 3 Memory Book: Read about Campers amazing experiences

Posted by Jud Millar

Wed, Sep 24, 2014




Third session was really fun! This was my first time at SMA and I made lots of friends. I met Mia and Phoebe on the first day and we became really good friends. Something from camp I will always remember is the canoe trip with Mia and Daniel. Every time we went towards a tree she would start screaming. Near the middle of the river we headed straight into a tree and Mia threw her paddle away, stood up, and jumped onto me. She screamed and started crying and Daniel and I almost peed ourselves from laughing so hard! Another memory was the Yough White Water Rafting trip; I was in a boat with Hot Sauce, Olivia B, Emily and Stevie. Some fun activities were Canoeing, Wind Surfing and the Rock Climbing overnight. I liked these activities because they were really thrilling! I also did all of them with some awesome counselors like Hot Sauce, Chase, Melissa, Fish, Brenna, Tom, Roy, Lindsay, Ali, Alyna, James, Josh, Lucy, Tim and Katie. I was sad that I only stayed for one session. It was really fun and I wish I stayed for longer but I know that I will cherish my memories from SMA forever!


This was my first year at SMA and it was great. I had an awesome time here, and the two weeks passed so quickly. I made lots of new friends and I tried lots of different and cool activities that I wouldn’t normally try. The counselors here are awesome! They are so crazy and funny and I’m going to miss them a lot: Immature Lucy, Cool Hot Sauce, Hippie Chase, Crazy Roy, British Tom, Tim: that laugh, Football Katie, Hipster Ali, Dancing Alyna, Rock Climber Melissa, Secret Friend James and Tube Lindsay.  Van rides were awesome, but there were some weird ones and of course some funny ones. I will remember Colombe’s dance, Mirena’s hugs, nights with Trevor, Ian with the horsehead mask, Hot Sauce playing the electric guitar really awesomely and me doing ‘Eduardo the Pretty Fairy’. I don’t know if I’ll be back next year, but I’m sure that I will remember everyone and all the memories that I have made here forever.

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