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5 Important Lessons You Can Learn at Overnight Summer Camps for Teens.

Posted by Jud Millar

Fri, Feb 24, 2017


5 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn at an Overnight Summer Camp For Teens


Camping is a favorite pastime among Americans with statistics indicating that 14% of the population or 40 million aged 6 and above camped in 2013 (2014 American Camper Report). There are many reasons that camping is so popular, but a love of the outdoors and spending time with family or friends are often the main goals. For parents, signing up kids for overnight summer camps may be an important decision considering the benefits that camping provides in terms of education, social, physical and psychological development. There are in fact valuable life lessons that kids, tweens, teens and campers can learn when attending an overnight summer camp. These skills grow up with them and are useful into adulthood.

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