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3 Activities to help you Unplug at a Summer Camp for Teens

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, May 11, 2017

3 Summer Activities to Help Kids Unplug at a Summer Camp for Teens


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Although technology has helped us shape a better world, it is counterproductive in some ways. The children of today live a sedentary life, while missing out on many things such as developing survival skills, leadership competence or just the ability to relax without gizmos to entertain them. These are the reasons why it is so important for youths to disconnect and unplug from their devices and just be kids this summer. Here are fun activities that will provide children with opportunities to develop life skills, enhance creativity, improve communication & interaction and appreciate nature.


Future anglers will learn a lot when it comes to fishing. The main virtue of fishing is the gift of patience. Unable to predict what is going to happen when you are out in the open sea or on the shore of a lake, you might spend the entire day casting your net with zero catch or get a boatful of fish the first time you throw the line.  Summer-Camp-for-Teens-6.jpg

Another talent that kids can develop through angling is problem-solving. Fishing is not an exact science and there are many factors that affect why you are successful today and practically a failure the next time. The selection of fishing equipment plays a part in this: kids will learn toNew Call-to-action think why they are not able to hook something, look at the quality of their baits, speculate on fish stock and examine the role of weather, amount of light, location & water temperature. In addition to connecting with nature, they will pick up conservation principles and why overfishing is a problem. Moreover, they will also become skilled at preparing for different conditions and practice safety habits whether fishing on a boat or on shore.

Camping Overnight

Going to a an overnight camping excursion while at summer camps camp for teens has many benefits for kids. They learn to be independent, get along with others, rely on fellow campers and develop social skills. In addition, they will get to move a lot whether hiking, canoeing or setting up a tent. Being outdoors is healthy and will make kids appreciate their environment.



Exploring caves is a wonderful way to unplug because down there, you can’t bring devices or New Call-to-actionget connected. It is also an amazing way to discover what’s beneath the earth and at the same time, teaches valuable lifelong skills. Working with others is the most important skill that kids can acquire since caving is a group effort of at least 3 or more persons.

Furthermore, physical abilities are enhanced when you go caving. It involves crawling, balancing and climbing. The ability to judge whether you can go past obstacles or are able to go through tight spaces is also developed. More importantly, safety measures are applied and leadership aptitude developed.


New Call-to-actionTaking a break from technology at a small camp is a great way for kids to recharge and realize that their devices are not the only means of recreation or entertainment. Besides having fun, these activities also help develop important skills that are practical in the real world where people interact and not just communicate through the media.

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