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Allegrippis Trails Ranked 13th - SMA Mountain Biking Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Jan 13, 2016

The Allegrippis Trail System has been ranked 13th in the world by for having one of the "best mountain biking trails in the world" The trail has steadily climbed up the rankings at, as it was ranked 20th in May 2015 by the website. The Allegrippis Trail has been ranked 13th by for having “one of the best

This is super exciting for all of us at SMA Teen Mountain Biking Summer Camp as we ride the trails every day!  SMA has a Mountain Bike Masters Program that allows campers who are passionate about mountain biking to ride world class single track trails 6 days a week. The sport of Mountain Biking is exploding in central PA with the building of the Allegrippis Trail system at Raystown Lake.  SMA is Mountain Biking Summer Camp which mean that if you are passionate about getting out on the trails everyday and improving your skills while having fun you will LOVE our camp!

Our mountain biking camp program emphasizes proper riding technique, safety awareness, and enjoyment of the wilderness. Also, campers learn about the parts of the bike and safety equipment such as helmets, eye protection, and gloves. Our bike shop houses mountain bikes for all sizes and provides room for campers that wish to bring their own equipment.  




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For those campers who are passionate about Mountain Biking check out our Mountain Bike Masters Program

The following article appeared in the January 8th, 2016 addition of The Huntingdon Daily news written by Kylie Hawn:

The Allegrippis Trails at Seven Points at Raystown Lake is currently ranked 13th by  for having what it considers “one of the best mountain bike trails in the world.”

Criteria for having one of the best trails in the world, according to, includes “average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the mountain bike trail and the number of members who want to ride the mountain bike trail.” 


According to Matt Price, executive director of the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau, the honor isn’t surprising, considering the trails draw people from all over the world each year.

“All of us on staff at the visitors bureau have had interactions with international riders coming into the visitors center,” said Price. “I personally have spoken to riders from Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany just in the past year.

“They all have said the Allegrippis Trails were the primary reason for their visit to Huntingdon County,” he added. “They all have had grins on their faces from the riding experience on the trails.”

According to Ed Stoddard, marketing director for the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau, the Allegrippis Trails have been on the rankings at since they opened.

“They appeared in the rankings not long after they were built, but this is the highest they’ve been since they were formed,” said Stoddard.



Stoddard regularly keep tabs on the rankings, and added they’ve slowly and steadily climbed the ladder.

“The last time I checked a ranking on there was in May 2015, and they were ranked 20th,” said Stoddard. “We see these trails bring in people from all over the world.”

Evan Gross, energies coordinator at Rothrock Outfitters and coordinator of the annual Dirt Fest event on the Allegrippis Trails, said while some mountain bike enthusiasts may not think the Allegrippis Trails are the most difficult, they have a unique appeal that brings in people from all over the world.

“I think it’s interesting that of all the trail systems there are, the Allegrippis Trails are very far from what’s considered traditional East Coast riding,” said Gross. “A lot of expert riders may see it as too easy, but it’s also a trail that’s a lot of fun and it’s a great place to take people who aren’t into the sport and teach them how to ride.”

The fact that Allegrippis Trails can potentially turn someone who doesn’t know anything about mountain biking into an enthusiast is the best appeal.

“There may be technically more demanding, better tails, but with the Allegrippis Trails, anybody can go out there and have fun,” said Gross.


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