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A Recollection of SMA Tweens Camp 2023 White Water Rafting, Session 1.

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Jul 5, 2023

On July 3rd, 2023 every camper and staff member woke early and had a cold breakfast which would give us the fuel we needed for the day ahead.  We loaded into our camp vans and began the road trip that would take us from Stone Mountain Adventures to Ohiopyle, PA.  Home of the might Youghiogheny river (aha The Yough).  Here we met our Wilderness Voyagers White Water Guides, got geared up for the day and did a in depth safety briefing.  Our guides were all So Excited as it had recently stormed and the water levels rose from a shallow 1.5ft to an excited 3.5ft (see photo):What-water-rafting-teen-summer-camp (23)


Anyone who has ever been on a "guide Assisted" rafting trip know that "The Guides Make The Trip".  Meaning if you have guides who are not engaged you're going to have a "so-so" trip.  Conversely if you have guides who are excited, highly motivated and thrilled to be there you are going to have an outstanding trip.  Luckily we got the latter and did in fact have an outstanding day on the river.  Check out this awesome video or our day on the "Lower Yough"!!



White water rafting can be an excellent activity for teenagers for several reasons:

  1. Adventure and Thrill: White water rafting offers an exciting and thrilling experience that can captivate the adventurous spirit of teenagers. It provides an adrenaline rush as they navigate through fast-moving rapids and unpredictable waters, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  2. Physical Fitness: White water rafting is a physically demanding activity that requires teamwork, coordination, and strength. Paddling against the currents and maneuvering the raft engages various muscle groups, promoting physical fitness and endurance. It is a great way for teenagers to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Team Building and Communication: Rafting is a team sport that relies on effective communication and cooperation among the participants. Teenagers will learn the importance of teamwork as they work together to navigate the rapids, paddle in sync, and make quick decisions. It fosters leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and builds trust among the group.

  4. Nature and Environment: Rafting takes place in natural river settings, allowing teenagers to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. They will have the opportunity to witness stunning landscapes, experience wildlife, and gain an understanding of environmental conservation. It can instill a sense of responsibility and encourage them to become stewards of nature.

  5. Overcoming Fears and Building Confidence: White water rafting can be a challenging experience that pushes teenagers out of their comfort zones. Confronting and overcoming fears, such as fear of water or fear of the unknown, can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It teaches them to face challenges head-on, take calculated risks, and develop resilience.

  6. Disconnecting from Technology: In today's digital age, teenagers often spend a significant amount of time engaged with screens and technology. White water rafting offers a chance to disconnect from devices and immerse themselves in a real-world adventure. It encourages them to appreciate nature, engage with peers, and live in the present moment.

  7. Experiencing Safe Risks: While white water rafting involves risks, when done with professional guides and proper safety measures, it can be a safe and controlled environment for teenagers to experience calculated risks. This can teach them about risk assessment, decision-making, and responsible behavior.

It is important to note that safety should always be a priority when engaging in any outdoor activity, including white water rafting. Teenagers who attend a What Water Teen Rafting Teen Camp should participate under the supervision of trained guides and follow all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.




What-water-rafting-teen-summer-camp (2)



Picture of Campers White Water Rafting



What-water-rafting-teen-summer-camp (4)



What-water-rafting-teen-summer-camp (5)


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