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Jud Lands a Switch 180 out at Raystown Lake!

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, Oct 2, 2008

September 12th, 2008

This afternoon SMA staffers Crysta Swarts, Brenton Mitchel and Camp Director Jud Millar spent the day on the boat out at RaystownLake. It should be noted that both Jud and Crysta worked at camp all morning cleaning up the Rhino and organizing international bedding before heading out to RaystownLake. We were all very happy to have the Lake to ourselves which meant lots of smooth water and even more fun.

Brenton was in fine form behind the boat as his Wakeboardingskills are much improved. He now rides comfortablebly and can go in and out of the wake easily on both sides. Brenton even caught some air n his heel side edge!

Meanwhile Jud’s skills on the board are steadily improving. Jud can now clear the wake consistently on his heel side edge and every once in a while on his tow side edge. The big new from today, aside from the calm water and natural beauty on Raystown Lake and the sunshine was that Jud landed a switch 180 from heel side to heel side. This means that Jud got up on the wakeboard with his unnatural foot forward (thus riding switch), and proceeded to cruised around behind the boat for a while. He then went out of the wake on the left, approached the wake on his heel side edge, caught air off the wake, rotated 180degrees in the air and landed it! This was witnessed by one Crysta Swarts!

That’s all the exciting new we have to report for today – Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

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