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SMA to Upgrade Community Service Projects & Hrs this summer

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Nov 22, 2011

For the past 28 summers SMA campers have participated in service projects; community service is and has been an integral part of the SMA experience. New this summer is the SMA Service Learning Program which will focus on continued meaningful projects and expanded ones as well. Campers will soon be able to sign up for service projects two mornings or afternoons per week in addition to the traditional Saturday afternoon service time.

What is the SMA Service Learning Program?
Choosing to participate in the SMA Service Learning Program is a commitment to yourself, to others and to your ability to shape the future. Get your hands dirty. Meet a new friend. Learn more about the natural environment. Build cages for Golden Eagles at the Shavers Creek Environmental Center. Assist with watershed rehabilitation with the Clearwater Conservancy. Help a disabled older couple paint their home. SMA Service Learning Projects are carefully chosen to ensure quality – we only go where help is wanted. It is a helping hand, not a handout. Our projects are designed to work with local volunteers and deserving people. The work can be challenging, but the rewards are great as we work as a team and give back to the community.

Who can participate in the SMA Service Learning Program?

The program is open to all campers at SMA, however, priority will be given to Super Campers who will have the opportunity to take a leadership role on projects. When Service Learning is offered during the week, it will be one of the seven activities for campers to choose from that activity time. Campers who are excited about this opportunity will sign up every time it’s offered while others will only do service projects on Saturday afternoons. Our goal is to provide campers with as many opportunities as they want to create positive change in the community and in themselves.

What is the SMA Flagship Summer Project?

Each spring directors and staff at Stone Mountain Adventures will work to create a meaningful project that will impact the surrounding communities. The actual project will differ each summer and, at its core, the Flagship Project will have the following similarities:

•An ongoing summer project that every session will work on.
•The project will always take campers into the surrounding community.

How did the SMA Summer Program begin?

To help develop this program we called on the help of SMA (est. 1983) founders Pam & Biff Houldin, who in 1989 founded Global Works which offers international service based programs for high school students. They continue to serve their local community and others abroad. “It is a dream to have Stone Mountain Adventures help develop the passion for local community service. Campers get as much out of helping others as the recipients,” says Biff. “Service learning is a life long journey.”

How many Service Hours can I earn each Session?

Campers can sign up for up to two service learning activities each week in addition to the Saturday afternoon Service Activities.

•Session 1 (SMA1) – 27 Hours
•Session 2 (SMA2) – 18 Hours
•Session 3 (SMA3) – 18 Hours
•Session 4 (SMA4) – 36 Hours
•Session 5 (SMA5) – 45 Hours
•Session 7 (SMA7) – 63 Hours
Community Service needs to be ethically responsible. SMA will evaluate all of its projects to ensure our hard work is going to deserving causes.

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