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Session 1, Update #2!

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Jul 11, 2012

Hello, Families! 

Our apologies for the delay with an update.  My responsibilities with campers and counselors do not give me much time for technology and Anne's uncle passed away unexpectedly so she was away part of last week.  However, First Session did not stop!  In fact, the activities just got more and more exciting.

First, we survived the heat wave of early July!  Phew, it was warm.  Thunderstorms have respectfully skirted us (although we could desperately use some rain) and we never suffered like other parts of the northeast.  The campers were troopers through it all as counselors proved to be relentless in their request, "Are you drinking water!?!"  Everyone survived and fans in the bunks helped with the high temperatures at night.  It seemed downright chilly yesterday morning when the thermostat read 63 degrees at 7a.m.!

The week of the 4th of July could not have been more fun - Hershey Park, Capture the Flag, Fireworks in State College, Pa. (voted "3rd Best Fireworks in America"), a two-night canoeing overnight (for third- and fourth-year campers only), a dance in the barn with glow paint and lights (even Comet the white shepherd contracted a little disco fever), another All Camp Day (this time at Greenwood Furnace State Park), and then, drum roll, WHITE WATER RAFTING on the Youghiogheny River.  The Yough was, as always, epic.  The water was a little on the low side, but with warm temperatures and sunny skies the cool water still felt refreshing and fun.  Lots of wrestling took place on the flat water sections and it is always a rite of passage for campers to see who can push me out of my boat.  With five or six campers hanging on me, I eventually let them "win." 

Check out the pictures below of our epic day on the water!

Today is the last day of regular activities and tonight is the Talent Show.  The Talent Show is generally filled with lots of laughs.  There are usually a few sentimental moments, too, like when a camper steps on stage and sings sweetly when no one else in camp knew that person could sing! 

Tomorrow we spend the day together and our activities include: Cleaning Cabins & Packing Clothes; Campers will write reflections; then we head out toRaystownLakeor the Famous SMA Crew Olympics!

We are also busy in the office finalizing last minute travel arrangements.  If you are unclear of the travel plans for your camper, please just call.  We know our phones can be busy, but leave a message and someone will get back to you.  Friday, June 13th IS the last day of camp, pick up time at camp is between 10am & 2pm.  If your son or daughter is staying for 2nd Session we plan to sleep, do laundry, visit the Central PA Arts Festival inState College and mostly just chill as we prepare for new campers to arrive on Sunday 7/15.

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A group of Campers whitewater rafting.

A group of Campers whitewater rafting.

SMA Alex%27s Boat

SMA Rory and Jons Boat

A group of Camper whitewater rafting.

A group of Campers whitewater rafting.

A male camper white water rafting.

SMA Matt & David Duckie

SMA Kyle%27s Boat

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