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Fall Barn and Horsemasters Update

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, Nov 1, 2012

   Happy Holidays to Horsemasters and Non-Horsemasters alike!  Chilly weather is in the air at the farm, and all of the horses are bundled up in their blankets in preparation for the colder weather. While the snow hasn't started falling quite yet, there has been plenty of ice in the water buckets in the mornings, and the horses are feeling frisky with the cold wind blowing!

    Most of the therapeutic lessons have started winding down after a wonderful season, but there are still some riders braving the cold. The horses have been enjoying the mild weather lately, covering their fuzzy coats in layers of mud-this makes for some heavy duty grooming!

    Overall the barn is pretty quiet this time of year, with the exception of the chickens still bustling about chattering away, and some even still laying eggs. During all of this quiet time, Pam and I are dreaming of the sunny summer, and all of the exciting SMA adventures to come for 2013! We are looking forward to returning Horsemasters and new riders filling the barn with laughter and the usual crazy excitement!

    Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!!
                - Pam,  Carolyn, Chickens, Barn Cats and HORSES! 
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