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Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Apr 11, 2012

Where is Biff? The former SMA director is hard to find these days. Perhaps you saw him in Costa Rica last week leading a trip for Habitat for Humanity to build houses for low income families.


No? Then maybe you saw Biff in Portugal, Romania, or Hungary over the past year leading other trips to build homes for Habitat for Humanity,


No, then, wait, I know, you saw Biff in Jerusalem having lunch with former camper AND counselor Anna Siegel.   Yes, he went to the same high school in Philadelphia as Bebe Netanyahu, but they did not pal around together as Bebe is much younger.

OK, I know.   You saw Biff at home in the barn in his role as Equine Waste Management Engineer for Pam's horses. Yes, that is where you saw him!   On the wrong end of a horse. YES, you found Biff which means you will see him again this summer......behind another horse.

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