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Third Session has arrived!

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Aug 10, 2010

As sad as myself and all the staff was to see the second session campers go, the arrival of our third session kids turned our frowns upside down.  After a much needed two day intersession, our worn out staff fully rejuvenated and welcomed the new arrivals in true SMA style. It’s the best feeling when the last van arrives and all the campers are finally all together…53 of them this session! I knew fun was in store to round out our summer of 2010!

This first week of activities had it all! Rock climbers were kissing carabineers, wakemasters were clearing the wake, horsemasters and bikers were out on the trail, and everyone was going swimming in the lake.  In the evening everyone got a taste of crazy “Jud games” and they were a big hit! Besides Jud games, the kids  have had a campfire and invention convention for their evening activities. The campfire was one of my favorite evenings of course due to the kid’s eagerness to dress in bunk junk and perform skits. Two overnights went out this past week: waterskiing and canoeing. Both were huge successes and the campers came back pretty exhausted but very happy for their experience.  Stone Mountain also went disco rollerskating in State College last night! Nothing beats dancing while skating to good tunes in good company. Everyone was very exhausted after last night and got to sleep in today before bunk clean out!

Sleeping in late, reading a paper and chowing down on a donut and bagle in the morning…ahhh Sunday mornings! Clean bunks, staff skits, bunk skits and a day out at the lake, what could be better? The kids and counselors headed out to the lake right after lunch and I hear the laughs/giggles and vans are starting to pile in now from our all camp day. I heard some great games of ultimate frisbee were played and a delicious barbeque was served. In a little while, kids will be split into small groups and meet for a candle ceremony to discuss their high and low points of the week (but mostly highs of course!). SMA has so much to look forward to in the upcoming week and I can’t believe in seven days this summer will be coming to a close. But enough talk about goodbyes, because tomorrow two more overnights head out to the camp grounds and white water rafting is on the 11th!!!!

…Time to round up the kids and have evening meeting on this gorgeous Sunday!

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