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Philly Camp Fair: Find the perfect experience for your kids and Teens.

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Feb 10, 2014


Monday, February 10, 2014
Snow date: Tuesday, February 11 

5:30 to 8:00 PM

Germantown Academy (directions here)
340 Morris Road
Fort Washington, PA 19034 

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Finding the perfect summer experience for a teenager is overwhelming. There are hundreds of choices and parents and teens often don’t see eye-to-eye on the appropriate or safest way to spend these precious summers. And, teenagers are notorious for procrastinating.

That’s why the first week of February, as soon as the teen program companies are geared up for their following summer season, CampSource hosts two Teen Summer Program Expos, one in Massachusetts and one in Pennsylvania. At the Expo more than 60 directors and/or representatives from all kinds of summer programs, specifically for middle and high schoolers, are available to meet with you. The programs include Teen Tours and Teen Trips, Outdoor Adventure Trips, Teen Camps, Community Service Trips, Summer Sports Programs, Arts and Theatre Programs, Language Immersion Programs, Academic Enrichment Programs, and Volunteer Opportunities and Non-profit Agencies. This event allows parents and kids, often with their friends, to find the perfect experience together on one easy-to-manage night.

With more and more students postponing college and taking a gap year after high school, the Teen Expos will now feature Gap Year programs as well.

Come meet personally with the directors of the best variety of summer programs for middle and high school students. There's programs at every budget, in the US and in every corner of the world, including adventure travel, community service, language immersion, academic enrichment, arts, music, theatre, sports instruction, internships, teen travel, and volunteering.

Our mountain biking camp program emphasizes proper riding technique, safety awareness, and enjoyment of the wilderness. Also, campers learn about the parts of the bike, basic bike maintenance and safety equipment. Our bike shop houses mountain bikes for all sizes and provides room for campers that wish to bring their own.Stone Mountain Adventures is an outstatndingmountain teen biking teen summer camp!

With the development of the Allegrippis trail by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), this area has become a mecca for mountain biking. Feel free to bring your own bike if you are partial to it, or leave it at home and try one of our many 21-speed mountain bikes, ready for use. We also offer Mountain Biking Overnights out at the Allegrippis trail!

Whether you desire to bike on roads alongside beautiful Amish farmlands, rally through miles of single track trails, or take advantage of the shady Rails-to-Trails path which winds along a cool river, this area offers some of the best biking conditions in the Eastern United States.


Allegrippis Trails

We also offer a biking program for campers who want to take advantage of our proximity to the Allegrippis Trail & ride almost every day, we call this the Mountain Bike Masters Program. Learn more about the Mountain Bike Masters Program.

Allegrippis Bike Trail Review by
Local Mountain Bike Trails:
Out Our Front Door Door:
In Huntingdon
Fast Flowy IMBA Built Single Track
15 minute drive camp
Central Pa's Finest Rocky Technical Trails:
24 minute drive from camp
More Rock and Quicker Climbs:
50 minute drive fromt camp
Local Rail-Trail Rides:
Scenic River Rail-Trail:
State Park Scenic Nature Trail:
Signed Road Bike Loops:

The SMA Mountain Bike Masters Program allows campers who are passionate about mountain biking to ride world class single track trails 6 days a week.  The sport of Mountain Biking is exploding in central PA with the building of the Allegrippis Trail system at Raystown Lake. 

What Makes the Mountain Bike Masters Program so Awesome?

  • Ride World Class IMBA Built Single Track Trails Everyday
  • Sign Up For Mountain Biking Camping Overnights
  • Qualified staff teach advanced riding techniques and motivate riders
  • When not Mountain Biking you can choose from Adventure Activities, Water Sports, Creative Arts and Traditional Sports
  • Teen focused activities and events
  • Develop leadership & independence through freedom, respect and personal challenge 
describe the image

The Allegrippis Trail was designed and built by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and consists of 32 miles of single track trails in connected loops of three to five miles. The trails have been called “buttery smooth single track bliss” and consist of features including rollers, “whoopdy doos,” jumps and banked turns. SMA is a mountain biking summer camp and if you want to ride amazing single track every day then this is the camp for you! 

Campers enrolled in the Mountain Bike Masters Program will learn:

  • Bike Safety
  • Basic Bike Maintenance and Repair
  • Trail etiquette
  • Trail Riding Skills to take riding to the next level

Teen mountain biking summer camp

This program is ideal for campers who are excited about riding world class single track trails on a daily basis. Campers are welcome to bring their own bike or ride one of ours. The Mountain Bike Masters Program is open to beginner to advanced skill levels, however, riders should feel comfortable riding single track trails. To ensure quality, this program is limited to six campers. Please note that campers not enrolled in the Mountain Bike Masters Program will get ample time to Mountain Bike during their time at SMA.  Stone Mountain Adventures is an outstanding Mountain Bike Summer Camp!


“I had never really ridden single track until I came to SMA , after riding the Allegrippis trail this session I can’t wait to get back to France and build some rollers!”

         Hadrian Alema, Villeneuve Loubet, FRANCE

“The best way I can describe the Allegrippis Trail is like riding a rollercoaster on your bike! There are no killer climbs or huge down hills, the trails follow the contours of the land and there are super fun features everywhere!”

        Aaron Needs, Stoughton, MA

Here is an amazing video that shows how awesome the Allegrippis Trails can be!


Here's what Robert Pell has to say about the trails in the "Assault in the Allegrippis" description.

    "The Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake are some of the best trails on the east coast. The trails are buttery smooth and flow like a pump track through the forest surrounding the high-mountain lake. The trails are easy enough for your grandmother to ride but when you let off the brakes they become an adrenaline pumping roller coaster where your wheels are in the air nearly as much as they are on the ground. Once you get into the rythm of accelerating through the deep compression bottom turns and airing off the top of the next mogul you can't help but to have a huge grin on your face. 
I assembled a handful of clips in an attempt to share the experience of riding the Allegrippis trails. This video will give you an idea of what it's like to ride the trails but it doesn't compare to riding it for yourself."


Check out the SMA Mountain Biking Video!



mt biking summer camp

mountain biking teen summer camp


Please note that campers who do not enroll in the Mountain Bike Masters Program will still have ample time to Mountain Biking while they are at SMA.  The Mountain Bike Masters Program are designed for campers who wnat to focus on improving mountain biking skills while at camp.  
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