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Biff's Kenya Trip Report: SMA Overnight Camps for Teens

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Mar 28, 2017

Overnight-Summer-Camps-for-Teens-2.pngPam and Biff led a Habitat for Humanity trip to Kenya in early February; a giant leap across the “pond” to Africa.   It was a trip of a lifetime.  Not easy.  Long miles to get there, wide spread poverty to witness, and equatorial sun to build a home under.   I can’t explain the feeling you get from the people, their sense of family, and making you part of their life.  Such gratitude.

overnight-camps-for-teens.jpg After a safari for 4 days in National Parks near Mt. Kilimanjaro, observing all the usual suspects, lions, zebras, elephants, hippos, giraffes, and their savannah mates, we enjoyed the safety of our lodges at night; well almost safety, except when a big bull elephant joined us for breakfast one morning.  Check out the photo.


CTA for Community Service Project


 New Call-to-action The family and community we built for were incredible.  “Jambo,”  hello in Swahili, was one of maybe a dozen words of communication, but interpreters kept us all joined as a community with a mission to build a house.  A home for Susan and her husband, a  grandparents  raising two grandchildren after the parents died from HIV Aids years ago.


  Neighbors came to helpus, and school children sang to us during lunch time.  Seeing us very pale Americans  in this remote area was truly a novelty. 


  Unforgettable !  An impact  of a lifetime.  With my magic wand I will wish all of you reading this can find time to travel to Kenya, and in some way walk in their shoes.  The contrast to our rich material life at home is so dramatic.  Their richness falls under family and community all around them.   Where is that magic wand ?


(Pam and Biff are the founders of Stone Mountain Adventures Overnight Camps for Teens)

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