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SMA Summer Camp 2020: Check about the Enrollment and Price Per Session

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Sep 20, 2019

Here are the dates for SMA Summer 2020:


2-Week Sessions               $2,875               Enroll Online    

Session 1 (SMA1)         Sat 6/27           to       Fri 7/10

Session 2 (SMA2)         Sat 7/11           to       Fri 7/24   

Session 3 (SMA3)         Sun 7/26          to       Sat 8/8

Session 4 (SMA4)**      Mon 8/10          to       Sat 8/22 (13 Days + Tuition Discount)

4-Week Sessions               $5,650               Enroll Online   

      Session 1 + 2                Sat 6/27            to       Fri 7/24  

      Session 2 + 3                Sat 7/11            to       Sat 8/8 

      Session 3 + 4                Sun 7/26           to       Sat 8/22

6-Week Sessions               $8,350               Enroll Online

      Session 1 + 2 + 3          Sat 6/27            to      Sat 8/8

      Session 2 + 3 + 4          Sun 7/7             to      Sat 8/22  

8-Week Session                 $11,000            Enroll Online

      Session 1 + 2 + 3 + 4     Sat 6/27           to       Sat 8/22 

1-Week Sessions               $1,100               Enroll Online

      Session 4-1 (SMA4-1)    Mon 8/10         to       Sun 8/16

      Session 4-2 (SMA4-2)    8/16 8/16         to       Sat 8/22


** We are offering a $775 Tuition Discount in Session 4 (Sun 8/10 to Sat 8/16), Tuition: $2100





Nadia Reichman 12 NY


Session 2 2019 at SMA Teen Camp was my first sleep away camp experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my short time at SMA and I look forward to coming back next year. I loved the counselors, especially Emily and Caitlin because they were my bunk captains. I also loved my bunk itself, Gilly, Lucy, Jolie, Natalie, Emma, Kirsten, Pam, and Lanie. I loved how we got a choice of different activities. My favorite activity was probably wakeboarding and whitewater rafting. I loved the sense of community here at SMA and the food was amazing. I also loved all the animals of the camp; the cars, dogs, bunnies, horses, chickens, etc. I made many new memories and friends at SMA Summer Camps for Teens and I hope I can make many more in the following years to come.


Romain Montanelli 15 FR


This session is my first, my parents sent me in this summer camp because I want to have fun and speak English in the same time. This camp is not like other summer camp, all the people are awesome, funny and respectful. I really liked to be at SMA Teen Summer Camp because I can meet some people like the Frenchies, Phebe, Olivia, and all the Crows Nest guys. My favorite activity was the wakeboarding overnight 😊. In France I gonna work my English because I want to come back the next years and all the years I can. All the counselors are amazing. Thank you so much.


Phebe Herlocher 15 PA


This is my third year and third session at SMA Summer Camp for Teenagers, and it has been the best one yet. I met so many amazing people that I will never forget. This year I went on 2 overnights, canoeing and wakeboarding and I had a blast. Mountain pies are the best thing you will ever eat, heaven in my mouth. I also enjoyed the volleyball tournament (AA for the win) hiking and SUP n Sail. I loved stargazing, party vans and deep talks with my friends. I am so glad to have been in Mattawanna this session (by far the best cabin) and the girls (Lily, Olivia, Victoire, Georgia, Sophia, Liz, Livia, Becca and Alyssa) made me feel so welcome. On the Yough I fell just on the first rapid, oops, but had so much fun. Also I successfully pushed Jeff out of the raft (the raft flipped too). I’m so sad to be leaving but so thankful I’ve spent the past 2 weeks here. Thank you Furnwanna, the Carenzos, Frenchies, and Womack for making this the best session ever. Love you all.


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