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Donation Rocks Receives Grant from Access Fund: Parking Lot Upgrade

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Nov 6, 2023

The Access Fund is a non-profit organization based in the United States that is dedicated to protecting and preserving America's climbing areas. Founded in 1991, the Access Fund works to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment. Climbing areas can face various threats, including access issues, environmental degradation, and land use policies that might restrict or prevent climbing activities. The Access Fund engages in advocacy efforts, conservation initiatives, and education programs to ensure that climbers have access to the outdoor spaces they love while promoting responsible climbing practices and environmental stewardship.


The Access Funds Donation Rocks Ambassador, Ken Hull recently applied for an Access Fund Climbing Conservation Grant.  After receiving notification that Donation Rocks was awarded the grant plans started to come together for the parking lot improvements.  ken received the necessary permission from Oneida Township and then collaborated with Eric Chase on design and Hawn Excavating on implementation.  


Once the upper and lower parking lots had settled, gotten rained on and were rolled out KenKen pose for a picture and his Co-Ambassador Scott Kaltenbaugh painted parking lines and installed tire stops. Ken stated: "You may be thinking "Parking lines???" Yes, parking lines. Why? Because by directing cars to park a certain way, we'll increase the amount of cars able to park. For example: The lower lot, prior to the improvement, cars parked parallel to the road and you were lucky to get 5 or 6 cars there. Once we get the lines painted, we will get 8 head-in spaces + 4 parallel for a total of 12!!! PLUS you'll get in and out WAY easier and your passenger won't fall out of the car!"


Check out these awesome photos of the project:

rock-climbing-summer-camp (10)


Picture of a bulldozer on-site


rock-climbing-summer-camp (6)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (7)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (4)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (5)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (9)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (17)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (1)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (14)


rock-climbing-summer-camp (15)

All Photo Credits Ken Hull 


Everyone here at SMA Rock Climbing Summer Camp would like to thank:

  • Ken Hull, Donation Rocks Ambassador and South Central PA Climbers (SCPC) Board Member 
  • The Access Fund
  • Scott Kaltenbaugh

  • Eric Chase
  • Everyone from Oneida Township 
  • Terry Hawn and "TJ" with Hawn Excavating
  • And everyone else who worked hard to make this project a reality!















































Rock climbing summer camps are specialized outdoor programs designed to provide young individuals with a safe and structured environment to learn and enjoy rock climbing. These camps are typically held in natural settings like mountains, canyons, or climbing gyms and are supervised by experienced climbing instructors and guides. Here are some key aspects of rock climbing summer camps:

Skill Development:

  1. Climbing Techniques: Campers learn fundamental and advanced climbing techniques, including proper body positioning, handholds, footholds, and movement on different types of rock surfaces.
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Safety and Supervision:

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