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FrozenFat Name Top 10 Winter Activities - SMA 2 Week Teen Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Feb 19, 2016

The FrozenFat weekend was named as one of the top 10 winter activities to enjoy in Pennsylvania by, the official tourism website of Pennsylvania.





Brethren of Fat,
Now in it's fifth year, Frozen Fat, is back to it's old roots......  FUN
One big group ride through Rothrock State Forest 24 miles with an optional 11 mile add-on. 
90% Singletrack and 10% Gravel Roads/ Snowmobile Trails
One fat fun ride at Raystown Sunday with all singletrack and bushwhack-
Despite some changes Frozen Fat is always going to be a wild weekend of fatbike camaraderie were the winner isn't always the idiot with the $7000 fatbike who recently shaved every hair in an effort to get things lighter, but rather the rider who is simply the best at having fun. In fact there is no winner at all just how you play the game. 
 Sure there is a fatbike ride that will leave most riders wishing they had ridden more but will still have them coming away with a smile. But a few will revel in the slick ice covered climbs and steep snowy descents, remembering not to ride the bike but rather become one with it.  
Traditional race dynamics suck and so do classes so race what you want and ride what you will.  There are also wheelie contests, seizure inducing derbies, sled pulls, costumed cops and jesters, craft beer and other arguably stupid activites. 

It’s going to be cold. There might be a foot of snow. Some ice might be thrown into the mix. There may be moments of misery, and, mid-ride, you will probably wonder what on earth you are doing. But as you sit by a bonfire and drink a craft brew at the end of the day, silently looking into the faces of all your bicycle brethren who are doing the same thing, there won’t be any question at all why you did it. And you would do it again in a heartbeat.

That’s why FROZENFAT, PA’s only fat-bike-only weekend, is back for its third year and continues to grow with a cult-like following. It attracts those with a penchant for brutal conditions and epic, off-the-beaten-path races, as well as those just looking for a fun time.

The event, which takes place the third weekend in January, kicks off with the unveiling of the course maps on Friday night at the local tavern, followed by Saturday’s 20-mile and 40-mile races. Some ride to win, while some simply ride. Either way, you’ll be in good company. But be prepared for anything, as the races are unsupported and, in some places, far from any cell phone service.

Saturday night’s bonfire provides an opportunity to thaw out (maybe) before Sunday Funday, also dubbed the “11 Stages of Enfattenment.” What exactly is it? Nobody really knows. You’ll just have to come and find out.

Expect the unexpected, and bring a positive attitude and your warmest gear. If you’re not having fun, it’s your fault.


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