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Here is the Session 4 Slideshow from SMA Summer Camp for Teenagers

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Oct 20, 2015

Here is the 4th and final installment of the 2015 Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer Camp Session Slideshows!  We had so much fun putting this together.  Going though all these photos brough back so many increible memories of 4th Session.  It's hard to believe that 4th Session ended almost 2 months ago already...  that means about 8 more months until SMA Summer 2016!

Enjoy the Stone Mountain Adventures 4th Session, 2015 Slideshow!

Lisa Wegner
Coming back as a 2nd year at SMA 2 Week Teen Summer Camp was honestly better than I could ever imagine. Seeing everyone again was amazing and the way SMA welcomed me back was just a feeling of coming home again. While Horsemasters every morning was great again, I really took advantage of all this camp has to offer with both the canoe and wakeboarding overnights. I also tried things that I wouldn’t have tried if it weren’t for SMAM (ask Tom and Simon about my natural talent as a rock climber). 4th session was a great session to come back to because of the small number of campers
which created a smaller, close-knit community of old and new friends. Mattawanna hasn’t changed since last year with its nightly cuddle-puddles and late night talks. It felt like I hadn’t missed a beat.
I’m really sad about the fact that I can’t come back next year, but I think I made the most of these 2 weeks. The counselors this year were amazing and made this last year just as amazing as them. As I’m writing my reflection surrounded by my friends, I realize I’m going to miss this place so very much and I hope I come back to this place sometime in my future.


Alice Breene
This summer at SMA Summer Camp for Teenagers has been different but in a good way. I have made a few new friends and kind of came out of my bubble. I would have to say that I had the BEST summer ever/ It’s been a long time since I have had this much fun. I hate that the 2 weeks have gone by so fast and tomorrow we have to leave, but I will always hold SMA close to my heart. I have done so many new things like White Water Rafting, wakeboarding overnights, and kayaking. All the camp counselors were amazing and fun, especially Simon. He is fun and grumpy but he is the best counselor along with Rory.

Jacob Hileman
I came to SMA Overnight Teen Summer Camp and got nervous. Then I became very comfortable and made many friends. They became family. I’ve been having a good time at camp here. I’d say Chase is my favorite counselor with his awesome dreds. I loved all the activities but most favorite was rock climbing. Almost everyone was my friend like family. The Yough was so fun. I loved it so much it was awesome. I am definitely coming back next year.

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