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Here is the SMA 2022 Teen Camp Session 1 Slideshow!

Posted by Jud Millar on Sun, Sep 18, 2022

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are SO EXCITED to share the Session 1, 2022 Slideshow:












Molly Biddle, 15, Huntingdon, PA

What a session! This being my first time going to first session, I was not sure what to expect. As usual, SMA teen camp exceeded my expectations. Mattawanna was a great group of girls for both the first and last two weeks. We had so much fun getting to know each other. It is hard for me to believe that I am one of the most senior campers. It feels like a few days ago I was attending my first session; now, I am a fifth year and acting as a “camp mom.” But, what can I say? SMA Teen Camp has such a comfortable environment and has greatly influenced who I have become. I never know how to explain what makes SMA so magical, but I thank Pam, Biff, Jud and Anne who attract an incredible group of counselors and campers every year.


Sivan Yohann, 15, Osprey, FL

This was my last year at SMA Summer Camp and it was an awesome summer to say goodbye to. There were many activities that we have done for years and then there were some we have never done before. What I love about camp is that you can keep all the old traditions and then you can also start some of your own. In my opinion, the best activity at this camp is secret friends. Secret friends are just like secret Santa, but you get gifts or hugs for the friend you receive. At the end of one week you reveal everyone’s secret friends. For the past two years, I have been in a special activity call wakemasters. This is a small group of people who get the chance to go out on the boat multiple times throughout the session. It gives you a huge chance to practice wakeboarding or skiing. I have loved all three years that I have been here and I am so sad to leave, but I feel like it is definitely time to say goodbye. I have made so many close friends here and I know they will stay close to me forever. 



SMA Teen Summer Camp 2023!


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