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How Summer Camp and Travel Can Boost  Mental and Physical Health

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Life can get busy and in the hectic daily routine of school, family and work, taking time to plan various trips (including summer camp) can help to improve many aspects of mental and physical health.  It is indeed that physical activities can enhance the courage, strength, stamina, and durability of the body.


Moving body more

If you are fit and strong, you can enjoy the adventurers at summer camp or while traveling more. You can plan to climb, ride, run, and travel to different kinds of places. It will enhance the enjoyment of your trip. Hence it is indeed that while traveling, you would be able to move your body more. Hence it is one of the most important ways of maintaining mental and physical health. Furthermore, at summer camp you can go hiking, running, walking, jogging, riding or even yoga, 

Picture of Teen Campers diving into the ocean

Enjoying Food

Food is the spice of life and it can taste oh so good.  When you are at summer camp you are so active that everyone is excited about meal time.  When you are traveling it can be a time to taste various kinds of food. You can enjoy the slow food movement that is the opposite of fast food. You would be able to taste the local food and enhance the enjoyment of your adventure travel trips.

New Call-to-action

Go and explore different great markets and eat the food, spend time eating the local and fresh delicious food. hence it is not all about eating the food alone, but sharing the food with friends and family members helps to review their taste birds too. Bring up the new different recipes, enjoy eating local and fresh food, it is the main part of the traveling.


Decrease anxiety 

Waking up early in the morning, getting up to the new day in a new place, creating fun experiences, and exploring different places over there helps to decrease the amount of anxiety and stress. You can have these experiences while attending a summer camp or when traveling.  Reduction of stress can occur when you connect with nature at camp and while traveling.


Increase social connections

One big benefit  of summer camp and traveling is increased social connection.  It is up to you whether you want to travel alone or with family or friends. You will have social connections while traveling over different places. Traveling with friends helps to increase public and social connections. You feel happiness while connecting with the people and guides, you make their friends that would last long. You can interact with the people, listen to their needs, helps you learn what are other requirements.  At summer camp you can make friendships that last a lifetime.      


Enhance Awareness

A summer camp experience and an adventurous trip allows you to strengthen the body, build, and enhance awareness. It’s quite interesting how travelers observe things without judgment and start new experiences that happening in our lives.  Campers a summer camp say they often feel accepted for who they really are rather than judged.  


Some examples of adventure travel are fishing in Alaska, Heliskiing in Canada, hiking the Grand Canyon or surfing the Gold Coast from Brisbane to Sydney.   Some examples of summer camps include day camps, over night camps for single gender (Boys or Girls Camps) and co-ed overnight summer camps for teens.  


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