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Introducing the 2023 SMA Teen Camp Staff Team!!

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Jun 23, 2023

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are thrilled to introduce the SMA Staff Team of Summer 2023


SMA Staff pose for a group picture.



SMA staff pose for a group picture



A male Camper pose for a picture in SMA T-shirt


Alex Ramirez is 24 years old, or so he says. He hails from, his hometown of Puebla Mexico. Whenever he is not counseling, you can find him with a camera in his hands which he considers his superpower. Two weeks ago he had his hair down to his belly button and previously he wanted to be an ariel special engineer. His favorite season of the year is summer (good timing) and his favorite food is chilaquiles with beef. Alex likes to run track and field, go roller skating, and ice skating.


A female staff pose for a picture


Laura is returning for her second year as a counselor. She is 28… or 19… or 47…. Who knows? Her hometown is a little town outside of Paris and currently she lives in the “big green” parked near the barn. Laura’s proudest accomplishment is going back to school to become a Vet Tech, so she has lots of knowledge on how to take care of the animals around camp, and the horses, dogs, and cats too. Her favorite food is curry, and she loves to take the spice on as a challenge. She speaks three languages but don’t asl her which ones. Laura would be superman for the day but her spirt animal is definitely a unicorn.




Chase is from Provo, Utah and is friendly with the Mormons. He is a veteran staff member returning for his ninth summer and has the honor of leading us as Co-Director at SMA. His specialty is rock climbing and trying to beat Diego, Matt, and Yely at any sport. His superpower is having Popeye’s forearms. He is known across the globe for starting veganism and continuing to the push forward. Chase says a fun fact about himself is that he can touch is nose with his tongue, but you are going to have to ask him to prove it.




Livia or Liv is from Princeton, New Jersey or “Joisey” as she says it. She is a returning camper and is excited returning as an AOP (Aspiring Outdoor Professional). She has a twin sister Grace, and an older sister Ellie who was also a camp counselor. Her favorite job (to date) is working at an ice cream store called the Bent Spoon. Her favorite food is coffee ice cream, hmm… suspicious… During the school year she goes to the University of Vermont. She is an all round horse girl and is an expert at horseback riding. Livia’s superpower is being intune to others around her so beware.




Marinyeli or Yeli is from Santo Domingo, and this is her first year as a counsellor at SMA. She went to college to be a teacher in literature and Spanish, so she is ready to teach and learn from the younger campers. Yely’s favorite food is Frito with green bananas. Her hobbies are traveling, biking, visiting new towns, swimming, and to read and write. A fun fact about her is, actually you should just go ask yourself. Her favorite season of the year is summer and her favorite jo is that she has held is being a camp counselor at SMA. When asked what superhero she would be for the day she responded with, “I am my own superhero.” Then a minute later. She said actually aquagirl.




Ella is from Kildare, Ireland and was born in London. This is her first year as a camp counselor and she will be spending time making arts and crafts and fun creations in the art studio. Her proudest accomplishment is living in Germany by herself for a year. Her favorite foods are olives and avocadoes, don’t worry not at the same time. Ella can speak Irish and maybe if you’re lucky she’ll teach you some. If she could be a superhero for a day, she would be black widow which is ironic because she is probably afraid of spiders.




Jordan is a returning counselor at SMA. He is 2? and is a big world traveler. Jordan’s proudest accomplishment is free soloing so he will be a mentor at the rock-climbing wall. His superpower is playing frisbee like a wizard and his fun fact is that he can dislocate/ pop his wrist. Jordan loves pizza, climbing, winter, climbing, fall and climbing. When asked what superhero he would be he said the hulk.

Maya is 25 years old and she is from Czechia or Czech Republic and lives in the Netherlands. She is very kind and is interested in everything and anything. You’ll see her down for trying a lot of new activities. Her favorite food is sushi, she loves summer and if she could be a superhero for a day she would be Dr.Strange.




Daniel is a previous camper who has returned for his 7th summer as an AOP (Aspiring Outdoor Professional). He is from Virginia and loves power building. His superpower is Hulk smash and his favorite job is “Nepotism”(His parents have their own company) When asked about what superhero he would be for a day he said Ironman but mostly for the money and not his powers 😊.




Kim is 21 years old and comes from a cute town in German. At home she is studying to be a primary school teacher and has volunteered multiple times in kindergartens. Kim has a twin sister, is very empathetic, and does not like peanut butter. You’ll see her using her German driving skills on the boat this summer and playing football (oh sorry soccer for you guys).




Palma is 22 years old and was a camper in her teenage years here at SMA. Palma has a bachelors in psychology and criminology and is thinking about becoming a lawyer. Her favorite food is dumplings and she used to work in a sandwich shop. Palma knows sign language and if she could be a superhero, she would be Magneto. As a wake master she will be here on the boat helping and driving kids allllllll summer.




Alexia is 23 years old and originally from Austria; though she lives in South Africa, so she has a really cool accent. She loves every activity from mountain biking, wakeboarding, and climbing to basketball! Her favorite food is lasagna, she is an open book, and her favorite season is summer. With all the other activities Alexia will be also a part of the awesome boat team.




Eli was a camper and is now returning as an AOP (Aspiring Outdoor Professional). So this is their 5th year at SMA! Eli was doing climbing competitions but they traded their climbing shoes and harness for a white full uniform and saber (fencing). But they will be on the wall rocking all day! Their favorite food is ramen and their superpower is to be a great lister and empath.




Zak is a former camper who has returned as an AOP( Aspiring Outdoor Professional). He really enjoys vegan meatballs and mountain biking and will be working with the bike masters. He can find fingerprints with just superglue so watch out! He looooooves Summah (Summer) and is also an avid lister of metal music. Ask him about Quicksilver!




Matthew is 22 years old and hails from London, UK (England, Great Britan, etc.) He has two brothers, one of which is also 22, though they are not twins. He can for sure read minds and has way too many accomplishments to list. He loves Shawarma, futbol, guitar and is great at high jump. If he could choose, he would be spiderman for a day. He will be joining the wake masters on the boat this summer!




Liam is from Scotland and has graduated with a degree in film and media. His superpower is taking photos of Alex <3. Liam pierced his own septum and loves to travel, fashion, thrifting, and hiking. His favorite food is pizza, and he was a marketing Assistant during the Glasgow film festival.




Diego is a veteran counselor from a cute each town in Mexico. He is a master on the grill and most other things. When he’s not at SMA you can find him working as a tour guide and a river guide. He would like to skydive, and his favorite season is summer. A fun fact about him is he proudly sleeps on hello kitty bed sheets, though he is missing the pillow. If you find it tell him!




Akbar is a 22 year old counselor from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He graduated with a degree in international relations and is multilingual. He said his favorite food was sushi but minutes later redacted that and said kebab. His fun fact is he loves kebab and if he were one superhero for a day he would be Ironman.





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