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Introducing the SMA Teen Camp  2021 All Star Staff Team

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Jun 25, 2021

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are thrilled to introduce the SMA Staff Team of Summer 2021!


SMA camp director, Mr Jud in a group picture with some Campers


Hola me llamo Diego. I am a second year counselor (2018 & 2021) from Oaxaca, Mexico. I will
be one of the Bike Masters counselors so I’m super excited to be out on the trails this summer,
but I’m also looking forward to white water rafting. A fun fact about me is I’ve ridden a race
horse in Mexico and I’ve scored the final two goals to win a futbol tournament. My favorite food
is pizza, especially with ketchup on it for breakfast. In 2018 I went to Seattle for about a week
and it was pretty awesome. In my heart, I feel like the animal I connect with most would be a wolf, so ask me to
give you my best howl when you see me around camp. I am a very competitive person at a
non-competitive camp!


Picture of Diego

Hi I’m Olivia and I have been around camp in one way or another for many years. I am from
Telford, Pennsylvania. My favorite activities are canoeing and spikeball. I have been to 37/50
states and I built a house in Mexico. My favorite food is Chipotle, anything with Cholula on it,
and, on pizza, I think pineapple is the ultimate topping. I loved traveling to Costa Rica a couple
years ago and the animal I connect with most is the Lorax. I am a star athlete and play field hockey in college,
but personally I think I’m even better at spikeball so let’s play!


Picture of Olivia


Hi I’m Luka and I’m from Serbia! This is my first year here at SMA and I can’t wait to get to know
all the campers. I have size 16 shoes and if you don’t believe me you can try them on.
Pineapple on pizza is a big no and fruit does not belong on pizza. My favorite animal is a dog,
specifically great danes, and my favorite food is any type of barbecue. The coolest place I’ve
travelled to was Hawaii and I loved relaxing in Maui.


Picture of Luka

I’m Kirsten and I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. It’s also my first year at SMA and I’m excited to
meet all the campers and I can’t wait to go white water rafting. Some fun facts about me are that
I hate umbrellas and cheese sticks (specifically the warm ones that are so famous here at
camp). I absolutely love pineapple on pizza, but not ham. My favorite animals are the rabbits,
especially the little black and white one here at camp. New York is one of the coolest places I’ve
traveled and I loved eating at Kafana which is a Serbian restaurant.


Picture of Kirsten


Hello! My name is Beth and I’m from London in England. I did have to quarantine on the way
here, but as I was a camper here for 3 years - it was worth it. Fun fact about me is I have gone
to a royal wedding and I worked for a fashion designer. I’m most excited for perfecting my
friendship making skills and driving on the wrong side of the road. Pineapple - I’m neither for nor
against it on pizza. I wouldn’t order it myself, but if it was there I wouldn’t turn it down. I identify
as a snake and I loved traveling to Sweden.



I am from Philadelphia, PA and I’m super excited for wakeboarding as a Wake Master counselor
and spikeball. A fun fact about me is that I take a shell around with me everywhere and I’m a big
fan of not matching my socks. My favorite food is cinnamon toast and pineapple most definitely
can be on pizza. I had a blast traveling to Rockport, Massachusetts and the animal I connect with most is a hummingbird. I’m an avid animal and old truck watcher, so if you point out any you see to me I
will scream with glee.


SMA-Teen-Camp (9)

What’s up! I’m Spencer from Silver Spring, Maryland and my favorite activity is SUP and sail.
Fun fact about me is I’ve been to all 50 states, I’m basically a mediocre superhero (Aquaman),
and I have two dogs. My favorite food is bahn mi and pineapple on pizza is a strong yes (my
second fav). The best place I traveled to is the Galapagos and the animal I connect with most is turtle (a lacrush from Finding Nemo). My strengths include being able to see very far, being strong, being
able to constantly scratch the cue ball in pool, and being able to slide things across tables very
well. My weaknesses are a lack of general athleticism, bad hearing, no sense of smell, and
kryptonite (if thrown at me hard enough).


SMA-Teen-Camp (3)

I’m from Levittown, PA (about thirty minutes north of Philly). I’m hyped for white water rafting
and I’m most excited for rock climbing as I will be spending a lot of time out there as a Rock
Master counselor. Fun fact about me is I have performed multiple rescue carry outs and I made
a mixtape in highschool with my jazz band. Favorite food: all things pasta and yay to pineapple
on pizza. I had a blast climbing at Red Rocks, Las Vegas. I have been told by many climbers
that I look like a sloth when I climb, so I would say that’s the animal I connect with most.


SMA-Teen-Camp (10)

Hi! I’m Julie from Orlando, Florida and my high school dream was to be a Disney princess, but
then I grew 5 inches. I’m a Rock Master counselor who is, obviously, looking forward to rock
climbing. Fun fact about me is I used to be a competitive springboard diver and have ridden on
an ostrich. Favorite food is pasta anything and yes, hawaiian pizza is my favorite. I loved
traveling to Ecuador when I was younger and the animal I connect with most is an otter, like the one we saw on
our canoeing trip.



Greetings! I’m Jeff from Branchville, New Jersey. I can’t wait to head out mountain biking as a
Bike Master counselor and to get out on the river for white water rafting. In May, I summited Mt.
Rainer and I once had over 15 dogs living with me growing up. I enjoy pineapple on pizza, but it
is not my favorite topping, banana peppers are. I loved traveling to White Mountains, New
Hampshire. the animal I connect with most is a border collie and my favorite food is chana masala. I taught Chase to make all of his vegan meals, but he’s not the best student. I’m also an avid spikeball
player, with aspirations to beat Emily and Luke, and am passionate about winning games, so
challenge me if you dare! I’m also known to respond to Summer Kai.


SMA-Teen-Camp (2)

Hi! I’m Mirena from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I’m looking forward to doing anything out on the
water, but especially white water rafting. I play rugby at college and I have two beta fish named
Pandemic and Ulysses S. Grant. My favorite food groups are carbs and chicken and pineapple
should not be on pizza. I loved studying abroad in New Zealand during high school and the animal I connect with most  is a chipmunk. I’m not great at spikeball but my enthusiasm and willingness to full send it
make me a formidable opponent.


SMA-Teen-Camp (8)

I was born in Provo, Utah and it is where I currently live. I’m super excited for all the activities at
camp, but I love to bike and climb. Pineapple should go on pizza because that is where it
belongs. My the animal I connect with most is an orangutan because they are funny looking and like to hang out on trees (but I really wish I had an ape index like them so you should ask me about that). I spent
most of my life traveling and exploring the world. I lost a bet to Luke, so I cannot consume any
animal products. Also, I’m going by Charlie this summer and my real last name is Climber!



I am from State College. Stoked for mountain Bike Masters. I love having fun. I like to eat.
Sandwich. Yes it (pineapples on pizza) tastes good. Favorite place traveled: the world. Spirit
animal (voted on by other staff): Jack, the dog. I have also been described as Winter Jeff.


Hey y’all! I’m Laura and my hometown is Arlington, Virginia. I am excited for all day wake
masters and will be out on the boat a lot as a Wake Master counselor. I have been to 11
countries and my dad killed our 13 year old fish which I think are some pretty fun facts. My
favorite food is pasta and pineapple should absolutely not be on pizza, especially with ham. I
loved traveling to Interlaken, Switzerland in 2018. My the animal I connect with most  is a barn owl because I can turn my head fully around, I like to eat mice, and unlike Spencer I can hear and smell. #Spikeballislife


SMA-Teen-Camp (5)

Like Kai, I’m also from State College, Pennsylvania. I love horseback riding and will be the
Horse Master counselor this summer, but I also love a good spikeball tournament. Fun fact
about me is I’m not a U.S. citizen and when I lived in Australia I fed kangaroos in my backyard.
Yes to pineapple on pizza and my favorite food is curry. I loved traveling to Panama with “I don’t
know” being a close second. My the animal I connect with most is a piranha (apparently). I have a horse named
Jenga in the barn and Pam and Biff are my legal guardians.


SMA-Teen-Camp (7)

I’m from Ocean Port, New Jersey and I’m excited to be out on the boat as a Wake Master
counselor wakeboarding. I bet Chase I could climb Shark’s Tooth faster than him and the loser
had to go vegan - ask Chase who won. I also hold the record for most wipe outs on Raystown
Lake. My favorite animal is a penguin and pineapple should not be on pizza. My favorite place
traveled was Zion and the animal I connect with most  is Spencer (turtle Spencer, not superhero Spencer).


SMA-Teen-Camp (6)

Hi I’m Chris and I’m from Port Washington, New York. I can’t wait to be out on the boat teaching
campers to wakeboard as a Wake Master counselor. Fun facts about me are my dad was a
camper with Jud and I drove over 11 hours right after graduation to get here to camp! As far as
pineapple on pizza, I’ll eat just about anything so it doesn’t matter too much to me. My favorite
animal is a striped skunk and my favorite food is escargot. I had a blast traveling to Mars a few
summers ago and seeing the blue sunset. A lot of people also say the animal I connect with most  is brachiosaurus because we’re both pretty tall.


SMA-Teen-Camp (12)




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