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Introducing the SMA Teen Camp Staff Team of 2024!

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Jun 21, 2024

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are thrilled to introduce the SMA Staff Team of Summer 2024:


Summer-Camp (12)


Assistant Camp Director Chase!!

Chase is from Provo, Utah and is friendly with the Mormons. He is a veteran staff member returning for his ninth summer and has the honor of leading us as Co-Director at SMA. His specialty is rock climbing and trying to beat Diego, Matt, and Yely at any sport. His superpower is having Popeye’s forearms. He is known across the globe for starting veganism and continuing to the push forward. Chase says a fun fact about himself is that he can touch is nose with his tongue, but you are going to have to ask him to prove it.

Chase_Summer-Camp (1)

Trey Niccolini:


Trey, 22, is a first year counselor returning from being an AOP (Aspiring outdoor professional) and a camper himself! His hometown is Ellicot City in Maryland. An interesting fact about Trey is his passion for music especially his band - Housing Co - that have released music! Check it out and ask him to sing you a song. You will find Trey on the boat enjoying the water every chance he gets. Wakeboarding is his specialty and he can’t wait to help campers get up on the water. Trey's favorite food is a medium rare steak with horseradish. Mmmmm yumm! If Trey was a superhero for the day he’d be Thor God of Thunder - woah!

Trey_Summer-Camp (4)





Mollie a 22 year old first year counselor and iis excited and ready to spend summer at SMA. Her hometown is Doncaster, England which makes a good ol’ English Breakfast tea - a favorite beverage. Mollie has a degree in primary teaching and had her first class this year. How cool! For Mollie becoming an auntie was a pretty amazing accomplishment. This summer Mollie is most excited for evening activities with the campers and rock climbing. If Mollie was a super hero she would be spiderman which is funny as she despises spiders! If you want to make Mollie happy bring her a “cuppa tea” (milk, no sugar) and a good book!

Mollie_Summer-Camp (11)



Amy is 22 from Doncaster, England and this is her first year as a counselor at SMA! Amy is an avid Taylor swift listener and knows the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song. Now that's impressive! Amy has a Bachelor in Criminology and Psychology which makes her a great detective. Amy is excited for the ever famous Jud games and hanging out in the art studio. Amy is happy when she has a bowl of her favorite pasta (Carbonara or Mac and Cheese!) and a “cuppa tea”. If Amy was a superhero she’d be The Flash so she can get those errands done in no time at all!

Amy_Summer-Camp (21)



Alex, 25, is a returning counselor from Puebla, Mexico. Allegedly Alex is a triple master with Wakeboarding, mountain biking and archery, busy man! You’ll see Alex with a camera capturing all the fun of an SMA summer and out of summer time Alex owns his own photography business. His favorite food is (real) tacos and you’ll always find Alex adding Tajin to basically everything. Alex’s superpower is that he can jump really far and claims his personal record for long jump is 23ft! That’s far! If Alex was a superhero he would be superman. Alex’s kryptonite is definitely bland food!

Alex_Summer-Camp (8)




Nate is a 19-year-old AOP from Mora, Minnesota. In the 5th grade, he left his hometown to live in Papa New Guinea and he took his survival skills with him. Nate is the kind of person you want to be stuck on a desert island with. His skills range from rock climbing, camping, starting fires and playing ultimate frisbee! He just graduated from a one-year outdoor survival course and is going to be working as a rock climbing specialist here at SMA. Nate also competed at the Cross-Country Nationals and then rewarded himself with his favorite food: enchiladas! If Nate could be any superhero for a day, it would be Thor.

Nate_Summer-Camp (10)


Assistant Camp Director Chase!!



Kim is a returning camp counsellor from all the way over in Germany. She is 22 years old and has just completed a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary education which means she is well experienced in working with kids. Kim is one of the wake masters here at SMA so will be spending lots of time out on the boat which she is really looking forward to. As well as wakeboarding, Kim loves playing soccer, dancing, learning languages (she does a great British accent) and she is most looking forward to sup’n’sail and white-water rafting. Kim’s favorite season is summer which is perfect for the hot weather we have been getting. SMA means so much to Kim that after last year, she got a tattoo to remember her time here. If Kim could be any superhero for a day, it would be Ms. Marvel.

Kim_Summer-Camp (19)



Nine is joining us all the way from France for her first time here as a counsellor however she spent 4 years here as an international camper from 2013-2016. Nine is 25 years old and has just finished medical school, which is understandably her proudest accomplishment. She is most excited about being on the boat as well as rock-climbing, white water rafting and meeting new people. Nine’s superpower would be her ability to remain calm and cool in any given situation. If you find yourself out on a hike with Nine, beware of any wildlife as she once attracted a monkey in Bali who broke her glasses right in front of her. If Nine could be any superhero for a day, it would be the Hulk.

Nine_Summer-Camp (18)



Jordan is 28 years old and this is his third time as camp counsellor at SMA. He is from up the road in Washington D.C. and has completed a National Outdoor Leadership Course which have helped make him an expert camper. Jordan is a rock-climbing specialist and loves mountain biking, but not as much as he enjoys annoying everyone around him (in the best way)! His superpower is being able to laugh and make others smile in even the gloomiest situation. Jordan works as a slope technician when he isn’t at camp: he loves travelling, backpacking and all things adventuring! Jordan’s favorite food is pizza and a fun fact about him is that he can juggle. If Jordan could be any superhero for a day, it would be Black Widow.

Jordan_Summer-Camp (6)



Max is 25 years old, all the way from Innsbruck, Austria. This is his first summer at SMA and he is really excited for mountain biking, wakeboarding and climbing! Max has completed schooling in nutritional training and car sales which is his favorite job he has had. The proudest accomplishment of Max’s is either graduating or jumping out of an airplane! His favorite food is pizza which is ideal for all the mountain pies we will have and he also loves his fitness, tennis, American football, travelling and meeting others. Max would describe himself as a thrill seeker and if he could be any superhero for a day, it would be Spiderman.

Max_Summer-Camp (2)



Laura is returning to camp for the third time however has been present in camp for much longer as she is married to camp co-director Chase who couldn’t stop talking about her! Laura is 36 years old and although originally from just outside of Paris, she currently lives here and there due to her love of travelling. She is most looking forward to wakeboarding, being on the boat and doing some rock-climbing. Laura’s proudest achievement is completing vet nurse school and being a vet nurse is her favorite job she has had! She loves reading, listening to music (mostly Taylor Swift) and working out at the gym. Laura once lived in a van for 10 months and her favorite food is pitta bread dipped in hummus. If she could be any superhero for a day, it would be Ironman.

Laura_Summer-Camp (17)



Zoey is a 22-year-old Kiwi all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. This is her first summer at SMA after just completing a bachelor’s degree in teaching and learning. Zoey is most excited about playing some tennis, going to the lake and sitting around the campfire. Her proudest achievement is between getting her degree or becoming an auntie. Zoey’s superpower is her ability to sleep anywhere and she loves chocolate – specifically Toblerone. Zoey and her family are all keen travelers and she has been to 22 countries including Switzerland, Denmark and of course the USA. She loves tennis, golf, formula 1 and reading. She is currently reading and loving the ACOTAR series. If Zoey could be any superhero for a day, it would be Ironman (purely based on his bank balance and mansion.)

ZoeySummer-Camp (20)



Palma is 23 years old from Maryland and this is her second hear as a counsellor however she has been coming to SMA for much longer as a camper. She attended the University of Baltimore and just finished her first year of law school which she is really proud of . Palma is most excited for the overnights, wakeboarding, playing silly games with the whole group and also some rock climbing. Her superpower would be her endless patience and ability to fall asleep anywhere (this will help on the overnights). Working at SMA is the best job Palma has had, either that or being a really cool sandwich maker. She knows sign language, loves eating dim sum and if she could be any superhero for a day, it would be Scarlett Witch.

Palma_Summer-Camp (7)



Josie is a 1st year counselor from the distant town of State College. She is 19 years old, and was a camper for 4 summers. She’s excited about every activity, but especially loves mountain biking, rock climbing, and jamming out in the music studio! Josie is an avid plant person, and will most likely try to identify every tree while hiking. She owns more houseplants than she’d like to admit, and will occasionally go to cow fields to graze on the grass. If Josie could be any superhero, it would be Jud.

Josie Summer Camp



Caroline is a first year counselor from the beautiful city of Yonkers, New York and was a camper here at SMA for five summers. She just finished her first year of college at Dickinson College in Carlisle. She is excited for canoeing and art studio and anything else involving a paddle. Her proudest accomplishment is learning to ride a bike at the ripe old age of 17 and also inventing the color pink. If she could be a super hero for a day she would be Barbie. If she had to pick her favorite food would be vanilla pudding and smore style tortillas!

Caoline_Summer-Camp (3)


Sophia McCarthy


Sophia is a 19-year-old AOP from Bronxville, New York. When not attending Hamilton College in upstate New York where she is pursuing a major in English lit and a minor in economics, she lives with her parents and her brothers Jake (19) and Quinn (18). She is very excited about rock climbing this summer and canoeing. Her favorite job that she has had was her experience as the director of a play. Her favorite food is beef jerky and she has a birthmark shaped like the Liberty Bell. Her hobbies include acapella, rock climbing, and reading. If she could be a superhero for a day it would definitely be Chappell Roan.

Sophia_M_Summer-Camp (15)


Sophia Watson

Watson is a 20-year-old second-year AOP from Waterford, Virginia. She is studying psychology and environmental studies at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. Her superpowers consist of reading minds and identifying birds. She is a proud graduate of preschool where she learned theoretical geometry. Her favorite food is anything from Sheetz. Her hobbies are anything involving the outdoors, art, piano, and writing. If she could be a superhero for a day it would be the Hat Man.

Sophia_W_Summer-Camp (16)



Coming Soon!

Cillian_Summer-Camp (5)


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