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Introducing the SMA Teen Summer Camp 2019 Staff Team!!

Posted by Jud Millar on Sat, Jun 22, 2019

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are excited to introduce our 2019 All Star Staff Team:

SMA-Teen-Camp -Staff-Team





Sup guys, I’m Luke the lifeguard. I can hold my breath for 10 minutes but only in the water. I love the water so much that I used to want to be a merman but became the wakeboarding instructor for Stone Mountain Adventures instead. SMA is an awesome camp and I plan to have the highest enthusiasm in camp for you guys all summer. Just so we’re clear, pineapple is the best pizza topping ever and hotdogs can be considered a hoagie or sub sandwich. Let’s eat lots of good food and have a great summer!




Bonjour campers. My name is Laura and I am from Paris! Back home, I own 30 cats but in my whole lifetime I have had up to 60. I love cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, ALL animals. I decided to become a vet nurse to take care of animals when I am not having a great time at summer camp. I went to camp as a kid and loved it so much that I wanted to be a camp counselor here in America. I am one of the rock-climbing instructors and can’t wait to help all of you climb the tallest walls and have you show me your most evil laugh once you get to the top. 



Hey, my name is Braxton. I am one of the wakeboarding instructors here at Stone Mountain Adventures. I am a two-time Olympic Champion in wakeboarding and I am excited to teach you how to be the best at it! I can’t wait to meet all the campers this summer and make some long-lasting memories. We could eat some pineapple pizza and I can teach you how to ride a bike without using the handlebars. If you don’t like pineapple pizza, that’s cool too! We can still make memories. Stoked to have you guys here!




Hi there, my name is Stephanie I am the rock-climbing pro here at Stone Mountain Adventures. I always imagine that there’s a McDonalds at the top of the rock to motivate myself, it works I promise! I’m super excited for lots of climbing but also spending time on the water. Did you know there are 10000 hairs per square inch on a harbor seal - that’s hairier than some of the other counselors!! I kind of like pineapple on pizza but it is weird to think about, like who tried that first? Why not oranges instead?  I’ve spent the past two years traveling the world but SMA is the perfect home for the summer before I move to Thailand. I’m excited to share my stories and eat plenty of fake McDonald’s at the top of rocks!




Hey guys! I am Chase, and this will be my fifth summer here at Stone Mountain Adventures as a rock-climbing instructor. A little bit about me, I’ve traveled all around the world when I’m not here at a camp. I worked in Switzerland at a bear conservation camp, I’ve hiked up Mount Everest and I am a vegan. If you didn’t know already, carrots are much better for you when they are cooked instead of eating them when they are raw. I am super excited for everything we have to offer here at camp and can’t wait to hang out with all of you in the great outdoors.



Hola campers! My name is Antonio and I am here from Spain. I am excited to have fun with all the kids, learn new things, and teach different sports like soccer, biking, and tennis. I wanted to be a counselor at Stone Mountain Adventures because I love sports, kids, nature and traveling. I can do 20 pull ups in a row, but I look forward to challenging you to see if you can do more. I have never tried cheese sticks in my life until I came to camp, and they are now my favorite snack in the world. Thanks everyone, can’t wait to have a great summer!



Dia dhuit! My name is Therese (said like Trez) and I am from the North of Ireland. I can spin my hand around 360 degrees, it’s gross. Did you know some cats are allergic to humans? That’s why dogs are by far the more superior animal. I am really excited to get to know everyone and spend lots of time having fun especially on the lake. I’m not a big fan of pineapple on pizza but if there’s a free slice going it wouldn’t put me off. If you think about the best summer camp ever, SMA is even better than that. If you think cereal is a soup you are wrong.




HI! I’m Emily. I was a camper here for six summers and just had to come back as a counselor to have more fun with new campers. I’m one of the wakeboarding instructors so I’m really looking forward to being on the water all the time. The canoeing trip will be a blast, I promise! I have cat like reflexes and catch almost anything that is thrown at me, ever when it’s a surprise! Don’t believe me? I’m looking forward to proving it to you! Also, I can lift 200 pounds without even breaking a sweat. I’m the strongest counselor here so make sure to remind us to have a strength contest.




What’s up everyone! My name is Jeff and I’m super excited to be back at Stone Mountain Adventures. I was a camper here for five summers and I am lucky enough to come back as one of the rock-climbing instructors. I have 16 brothers and sisters so being here at camp feels just like home. My favorite pizza topping is broccoli, although pineapple isn’t bad either. If you guys didn’t know broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale all come from the same plant! I am really excited to meet all the new campers and be silly all summer. Let’s have a great one!




Hey everyone, my name is Abby and I am one of the wakeboarding instructors. I love hanging around kids and being outdoors so working at Stone Mountain Adventures is the PERFECT job. I’m really pumped for pizza day because I absolutely love pineapple on my pizza. It is my all-time favorite food. If I’m not eating pineapple pizza you can catch my performing my most unusual talent, wiggling my ears. Feel free to come ask me to show you. I am looking forward to creating lots of memories with all of you. Yay Summer 2019!!!!




What’s up mates, I’m Andy and I’m from Manchester in the UK. I love my English football (Soccer) so much that my best talent is doing kick ups with a soccer ball. If you guys want to learn I can teach you. Before I worked at Stone Mountain Adventures as the mountain biking instructor I sold cereal for my job. My best mate is Tony the Tiger. He’s a cool guy, but never wanted to share his frosted flakes with me. Pineapple DOES NOT belong on pizza and cereal is not considered soup in my mind. I’m glad I’m here at SMA to hang out with all of you and learn new skills like wakeboarding and rock climbing. The sun never comes out in Manchester, so I am really excited to work on my tan as well. Can’t wait to meet you all!




Howdy ya’ll my name is Caitlin and I’m from Massachusetts. Did you guys know that the largest scoop of ice cream ever recorded was more than 3,000 pounds!? I would need a massive bowl to eat that much ice cream. Also, Hawaiian pizza is my absolute favorite. It’s the best no matter what the other counselors say about it. I love working with kids and Stone Mountain Adventures is the perfect place to spend a summer. We even have a white-water rafting trip that I am looking forward to, but I really hope I don’t fall out of the boat. If you get me to laugh hard enough my laugh sounds like a duck and I can do a pretty good impression of Stitch and Alvin the chipmunk.



Salute! I am Gautier, but you can call me G. I am from Paris and I LOVE baguettes. I could eat three whole loafs in one sitting and never gain weight. I eat loads of pizza with pineapple on it while I watch grapes explode in the microwave, which I recently found that they do. Also, I want to harness the ability to reverse aging like a jellyfish, so I can eat bread for the rest of my life. I decided to be a rock-climbing counselor for Stone Mountain Adventure to pursue my passion for climbing and come to the USA. Let’s have a great summer!




Hey everyone. I’m Jud the summer camp director of Stone Mountain Adventures. I’ve been all over the world climbing, camping, saving lives and playing rugby. I learned how to play the blues harmonica during my adventures and played with a band in Croatia. Being the camp director is the best job in the world and I get more and more excited for new sessions each year. The campers and the counselors are always so great, and I wish I could adopt all of them as my own. I force people to eat pineapple on their pizza which is why most of the counselors say they like it. Otherwise I don’t feed them, so make sure you like it! I can’t wait for another awesome summer with all of you and I look forward to spending loads of time on the river.




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