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Last but never least here's the SMA Teen Camp Session 4 Slideshow!!

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Oct 11, 2022

Here is the incredible Stone Mountain Adventures Session 4 Slideshow... what an fantastic summer!
































Ethan Apparies

From the second I arrived at SMA Teen Camp I knew I would love it. As the days flew by I would feel more and more like I was part of the camp. I couldn’t feel better anywhere else. The campers were amazing, and while I hope to see them next year, I can’t imagine SMA without the counselors. As a first year camper this camp was well above my expectations. I am excited to come back to SMA Teen Camp next year and I am excited to enjoy every last second of this year.


Olivia Boyle

This is my 4th year at SMA Teen Summer Camp and in my opinion by far the best! In the past I’ve only gone to 3rd session and I wasn’t very happy about having to change sessions because I wouldn’t see the usual people I see. But when I got here, I saw some familiar faces and I didn’t care about not being at session 3. This camp means so much to me and a bunch of other campers/counselors. This camp gives you a chance to leave your comfort zone and experience new things with great people. I’ve had a lot of changes in the last year and it’s a great feeling to come here and not having any contact and none of it mattering. This session was full of jokes, memories, fun and drama, yes of course drama… the people this session seemed to bond really fast and people were not afraid to be themselves. I met a bunch of new people who I became very close with and became even closer with people I already knew!! I met Shira, McKenna, Elizabeth, and all my lil J girls!! It was such a great cabin this year. We stayed up late making hand puppets talking and me getting stuck between the bunk and the wall. I also enjoyed getting to know the girls in other cabins and the guys. Some guys I got pretty close with were Michael, Ethan, Gordon, Antoine and others! I could write so much about Nine and about how close we got and that she is some of my closest friends and I’m going to miss her sooo much!!! But I won’t! The counselors this year were such a group. I loved seeing and getting to know everybody from last year. I have to give Melissa and Ali a shout out though because Melissa got me to cry at candle light and she said the nicest thing anybody could’ve said to me! and shout out to Ali because if I have to be told I remind people of someone I’m glad it’s her because she is such a well rounded people and has such a great personality!! I also loved meeting the new counselors! Love all of you and I miss you soooo much!!! I could go on and on but I’m running out of room on my paper so goodbye for now. It's already time to begin the count down for SMA Teen Camp next summer!!!







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