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Leap Year Cheer: Celebrating the Quirky Date We Hold Dear!

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, Feb 29, 2024

Oh, hear ye, hear ye, it's that time of year,

When February's days give an extra cheer!

For every four, one year takes a leap,

A special day in March, we'll lovingly keep.


On the 29th, in March's embrace,

A moment unique, a leap in space!

So gather your kin, your friends so dear,

For a day of jubilation, not just mere!

Alpine skiing, cross country too,

Or ice climbing adventures, for the daring few.

If snow's not around, fret not, my dear,

There are still joys outdoors, crystal clear!


Mountain biking, through trails that wind,

Rock climbing adventures, a challenge to find.

Or hiking through forests, under skies so blue,

Each step a celebration, just for you!


So mark your calendars, don't let it slip,

A leap year's day, a chance to grip.

Nature's wonders, with those you love,

March 29th, under skies above!


In this whimsical tale, let's come together,

Celebrating the leap, whatever the weather.

For in each leap year, a magic does unfold,

A day to cherish, a memory to hold!


   - Jud Millar, Camp Director and Owner































































































During my two weeks at SMA there have been many ups and downs. We’ve white water rafted, ate ice cream, had many van jam sessions, and so much more. At SMA, we are given the opportunity to do so many activities and Jud always finds a way to make us appreciate it and give back to the wonderful community that hosts us. This includes doing a variety of different service projects. Thank you so much Jud, Anne, and all the marvelous staff for making this place we call home possible. Thank you for making Stone Mountain Adventures possible.



After just a few days I knew I never wanted to leave SMA. I knew I would come back year after year and then come back as a counselor to give future kids the wonderful experience that I had and will continue to have in coming years. Everyone was so welcoming and kids I had met on the first day made me feel like I’d known them for years already. I tried so many things I had never done before and most likely never would have done otherwise. Even things I, at first, didn’t want to do ended up being so much more fun than I ever could have thought. Words cannot even fully describe how amazing this place is and I can’t even begin to list all of the memories, inside jokes, and amazing times I’ve had here. I’m staying for two more weeks, but I’m already looking forward to coming back next year. SMA has been some of the best times of my life.






Stone Mountain Adventures is one of the happiest places. Everything here is so much fun. In my normal life, I am filled with technology and electronics. SMA helps experience the environment around me. I have learned so much in the past two weeks. I did mountain biking, climbing, rafting and many other things. I have learned to adjust and I am more comfortable with who I am. I have so many memories that I want to take home with me. I never want to forget these amazing moments. It helped me grow emotionally and mentally. This will always be my summer home and I hope I can come back next year.A group of Campers pose for a picture





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