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Life Skills Teens Can Learn From Attending an Overnight Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Oct 4, 2021

Essential Life Skills That Teens Can Learn From Camping

Do you have a child born between 2004 and 2010? If you do, then you're parenting a teenager or a young adult who's part of Generation Z. Studies show that this generation is highly proficient in the use of technology and they can master any new app or gadget in a short period of time. However, they are also less proficient in practical skills and people skills, since they have been shaped in an era of digital devices. To help them thrive, experts say that it is important to introduce Gen Z to experiences that will enhance their communication and life skills, such as outdoor adventures and camping. Spending some time in nature at a summer camp for teens can benefit your child as they grow. Here are the essential skills that your teen can learn from attending an overnight camp. 

3 female Campers pose for a picture.

Survival skills

Back in the day, knowing how to cook outdoors, fish, and forage for food were considered to be crucial skills for survival. However, in this age of food delivery and takeout, these skills are now lacking in many people, especially among the young. The good news is that going camping can give teens the opportunity to hone these survival skills, as there will be opportunities for them to learn how to build a fire for cooking, find a safe water source, and give basic first aid, among others. Having the ability to survive in the face of unexpected situations or disasters can help keep teens safe, and it enables them to help other people too. 

Teamwork and cooperation

Chances are, your teenager can spend hours and hours alone with just their smartphone to entertain them, and they'll be perfectly content. However, spending too much time on gadgets can affect their communication skills as their world revolves around and is limited within that 6-inch screen in their hands. Spending a few weeks at a summer camp not only gives them a necessary break from their screens, but it also enables them to learn how to communicate and work with others. Knowing how to cooperate and becoming a good team member will help your teenage child grow into a considerate, responsible adult. Moreover, they'll know the value of being a contributor in their family life and work life. 


A group of Campers pose for a picture.


Being able to adapt to any situation

Sleeping in the wild, without a mattress or Internet access may be uncomfortable for your teenager. They may also have some trouble adjusting to the camp's schedule and food. But these things, which may seem like inconveniences, can teach your child how to be flexible and make the most out of any situation. Being able to adapt no matter where they are is a great skill that may serve them well in all aspects of their life, since a person's circumstances can always change in an instant. This will make them mentally and emotionally resilient, and they will be able to face any situation or challenge that may come their way. 

Generation Z has the potential to change the world with their tech skills and innate curiosity. Help your Gen Z teen thrive by enrolling them in an overnight summer camp so they can learn the essential life skills that they need to become well-rounded and capable individuals. 


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